Episode 10
Daniella: baby, what happen?
Me: nothing dear
I rushed out cus I felt like being alone , omo this is soup o, I was walking all around the house, thinking of the next step to take, what will happen to me ?what that man will do? I’m scared, what about my son’s? What will happen to them? Or should I go and tell Daniella? I should now. I was on this when Mrs. rose entered, she barged in, she didn’t even allow the gateman open the door sef
Me: evening ma
Mrs. Rose: (two hot slap landed on me, very fast and strong) you are stupid
Me: haha what did I do
Mrs. Rose: today I’m taking my Daughter away from this place, you this ingrate,
Me: (still surprised) what do you mean. Please lower your voice, my wife is inside
Mrs. Rose: so Cynthia’s baby is for you
Me: (stammering) wha—t—do you mean ma
Mrs. Rose: don’t play dumb with me,
Me: ma, it wasn’t like that, all this has happen before I met you nor Daniella
Mrs. Rose: Jesus Christ
Me: please
I knelt down, she fling my hand away
Mrs. Rose: Daniel, there’s no how you can beg me, my daughter will leave this place today, (pause) Jesus, wait let me tell you what you don’t know today (pause) Cynthia’s husband is my friend, very close friend, his name is Badejo Benson, we went to same university, so I know him very well, he is a drug dealer, very confirm cocaine pusher, I was once into cocaine as well, after I graduated, I couldn’t get job so myself and Benson went into drug pushing, we were working for this man before Benson killed him, I travelled out of the country to hustle and leave the work when I sensed that the job is dangerous, that’s where I met my husband,
Me: (still on my knees, I didn’t talk)
Mrs. Rose: people called him politician, have you ever ask your Cynthia or what to you call her if chief has ever contested for any post in Nigeria, he use politics to cover up, Benson is very Dangerous, he killed his wife when his wife was threatening to expose him if he didn’t stop, do you know how much he loves her?
Me: please you are the only one that can help me ma, at least with all your riches
Mrs Rose: may thunder strike you there, you’ve done enough in my life, I’ve made a vow not to sleep with any man, and since the day I’ve married my husband, I have never slept with another man until I met you, you this idiot, you ride me as if you were riding an okada, you left and jumped to my daughter,
Me: I’m sorry ma
Mrs Rose: who does that, when I see your face, I thought you will be cool, want to help you reshape your life, so as to leave Moron Benson alone, but little did I know that I will regret it, did you ever ask why I didn’t borrow the loan from your company again, I stopped when I know Benson is the owner, you this fool.
Me: (I started shedding tears) I am sorry ma,
Mrs Rose: I thought the one I saw you with on that day was a mistake, little did I know that the biggest surprise is coming (she saw my face) oh, you crying? Today no be your cry day now, when Benson bounce on you, you will know, (she moved closer to me) Daniel don’t you get it, Benson called me himself to come and take my daughter from you, cus he will bounce on you, he said he doesn’t know anywhere you want to hide that he won’t find you
Me: ha, temibami o
Mrs Rose: not yet o, you better run as fast as you can, Daniella is my only daughter, I’m not ready to lose her, your twins are you children, they are not bearing my husband’s name
Me: I am sorry ma
Mrs Rose: not even Cynthia alone, he said your wife mentioned one Omolara or so, so you have like 2 baby mama before my daughter.
She walked past me, I was running after her, not to tell my wife but on getting inside, I met my wife already dressed, with her languages, sitting on the chair crying, her mother rushed to her
Mrs Rose: oko mi, what is it
She pushed her away
Daniella: Daniel I hate you, you betrayed me
Me: (I knelt down) Pls forgive me,
Daniella: I love you, I respected you as my husband, despite the fact that I am richer than you, because of you, I don’t have any guy as a friend except business partners, what else do you want me to do as a responsible wife
Me: Daniella I know, that’s why I don’t want to tell you, cus I don’t want you to leave me, its because I love you
Daniella: why don’t you tell me (crying) why don’t you tell me, I would wait, I love you, you should know I will still love you for you, you complement me Daniel
Me: please don’t leave me please
Daniella: you are too good to be a player Daniel, you knows everything about me, can I ever see someone that will be like you? But I I have to go, I can never trust or love you again, it’s better I leave
Me: ha, Daniella please
I heard a knock, it was kola, he enter,
Daniella: and as for you mummy, my Dad will hear everything you call secret, you slept with someone old enough to be your son? You are shameless
Mrs Rose: please my daughter, don’t do that, am not ready to lose you please, lets go
Daniella: I’m not following you, I would rather be sleeping in an hotel till my visa is ready, and leave this country with my sons
Me: (I sat on the floor) so Daniella, you want to eventually leave me, now that I needed you most, and you know I have no one than God and you
Daniella: when you were doing it, did you think of me? Daniel be expecting my paper from court
Kola: (he also knelt down) Daniella, I know I also fucked up, but I don’t want his home to break
Daniella: bro kola (she rose to her feet) you see, you have failed as a friend on him, is he Mr Nigeria or he is he a celeb, I shouldn’t blame all this celeb impregnating girls all around niyen o, when Daniel that is not a celeb is impregnating girls all around, is this how your own dick is controlling you? (she faced her mum) so you even caught him in his office, yet you couldn’t tell me, you can’t sef, when you’ve been sampled as well (she faced me) you are not even afraid, what if you contact a disease from her
Kola: I know I have failed, I know you tried, I should have informed you as a good friend but I am sorry I didn’t.
She left with my babies, my face was red, her mother also left, it remain kola and I

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