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Episode 1
It was a wet day. The rain had poured in a magnificent measure overnight and the first lecture for the day was history, tutored by the famous lecturer, Professor Tanmo Olamoyegun. Professor Olamoyegun was one of those age long lecturer we had in our school, the great Polytechnic of Ibadan. All students loved him for his great knowledge in history and most importantly historical events that happened in Nigeria back in the 80’s and beyond.
Professor Tanmo as popularly called was an old man with grey hairs as exemplified by a great icon in the Nigerian Yoruba movie industry, Sir Peter Fatomilola. He spoke like the late Adebayo Faleti whenever he took on his likeness as a way to flaunt his utter admiration for him during history class.
Bidemi, won’t you wake up? Its 7.30am already. Remember we have Professor Tanmo by 8.30am. I said, kicking my roommate in his bum facing the ceiling like he were an inflated ‘old agege bread’.
Kola, leave me make I sleep now. Bidemi said while still on the bed. Idiot, you know we won’t want to miss today’s lecture for nothing. I said
Wetin dey happen today? Bidemi asked
Have you forgotten that we are having Professor Tanmo this morning? Remember he told us last week that we will be having a group assignment on-site and he’s going to be fixing us in group himself.
Abeg leave that old man joor, Bidemi grumbled as he went back to sleep again
Olodo, am leaving soon. Don’t expect me to make breakfast for you this morning
Hey! He exclaimed. Abeg na
If you really know you want to eat, better get dressed and let’s go so we could call at Bibire to have our breakfast before class.
Bidemi jumped up instantly to the bathroom.

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