* * *UNDER THE SUN * * *

main character: dare
Anna- gf to dare

Cultist members:

Name:sly- aka capon-gang leader.
Bob, grey cult members

Written by
FB:omoniyi Akande niyi.

Sly the notorious brutal capon.
Who is a capon?
Capon is a gang leader.

The pursuit began as four of the gang member was on the run chasing sodiq who has stepped on their toes, he was really exhausted for a man who wants to live.

He was dazzling while running along turbo street somewhere in kwara polytechnic. The pursuit lasted for 33munites, finally he fell down.


Bob:oh you think you get the strength to run the whole day ?

Sodiq:(breathing heavily)

Grey:nigga, let’s get rid of this parasite.

Bob:your time of death has come.


Bob:we have to cut his ears.

Grey:sure,(he brought out his knife)
Sodiq was out of the line, they killed him and they cut his ears for evidence to their capon.

* * *24hours later* * *
The school authority heard about the incident but the had no idea how and what really happened.


Sly:how was the operation?

Bob:it was carried out perfectly.

Sly:good job you guys can go now and also prepare for emergency meeting.

Grey:OK capon, what about the girl.

Sly:I am gonna handle that my self.

My name is dare, I am 24years of age, I school at qwarra poly.

I have got lot of counter attacks from the past and now I am yet to face another counter attacks.

Me:Anna I have told you earlier that I am very busy for this week.

Anna:so what about the outing, aren’t we going out again?

Me:which outing?

Anna:the cinema naaaaa

Me:I am not sure about that this week maybe next week hun?

Anaa:oh no, am really disappointed in you.

Me:am sorry dear I have to hang up now am in a serious meeting. Love you byeee.

I was really tired around 7:11pm on friday , I had to go to a nearby restaurant to fill my belle before going to sleep.


I walked into the restaurant with the tought of eating youruba food.
There were six people in the restaurant and one girl making seven.

They were eating separately so I got to the waiter.

Me:hey I need two raps of amala and four meats.

Waiter:what type of stew do you want sir?

Me:just get me vegetable.

Waiter:OK sir.

I started eating the food with passion while i was singing in my mind, if I tell you say I love you ooo gan gan, my money my body na your own ooo baby, 30billion for my life ooo.

Then I heard the noise.

Bob:hey you, I have been talking to you but you kept ignoring me hunn? do you know who I am???

Lady: who the hell are you???

Bob:(anger) bitch, get up(he drag the lady with force)

Me:(I walked down there quickly)

Me:hey you, leave the girl alone.

Bob:hahahahaha I can’t ear you well.

Me:the girl hasn’t offended you so let her go.

Bob:(came closer to me)who are you?

Me:forget about who I am. Just leave the girl.

He pushed me in the chest then I pushed back too that was when i realised that those six guys where all together except the girl.

They all gathered and surround me as the gang leader faced me.

Sly:bravo, bravo, bravo. You v got the courage fish, I like that I can see some muscles in you.

Me:pls what do you want?

Sly:hmm, what do we want? Actually I would have put your head on a plate by now but I think you gonna be useful.

Me:no not at all guy abeg lemme leave here or I call the authority.

grey: do you know who you are talking to?

Bob:sly, make I sample this idiot naaaaaa

Sly:hmm, no not yet let him go we will meet again.

I walked out of their midst quickly I got outside then I say the lady.
She showed sign of appreciation to me then I quickly told her to leave now. Even my life even myself isn’t in good place right now. TBC…

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