Episode 2 :

The atmosphere was really cool that very evening, I was sitting outside very close to the road on top of a transformer pavement which is yet to be used for electricity purpose in the future.

My friend waseman, his real name was wasiu but I formed it my self so he was called waseman by everyone in that hood,(area). Waseman was a very simple friend of mine, he was my best friend, he has got some difficulty in the past which I knew but its another different story entirely.
He came to Lagos just to survive. He isn’t the educated but I was the educated one. One thing I learnt about this life is that, it doesn’t mean either you have money, power or anything that you have which makes you powerful than the other makes you everything. There some aspect which the less privilege will have or will do that you can never do or think of doing.
He was the best friend I had back then almost all his feeding was provided by my parent cos of the friendship between us. Things went on fine.

That cool evening we were talking about something unreasonable, cos we where so tired
And so hungry after a long football day.

I told my friend that I had little change with me.

Me:waseman, I think I have two hundred bucks with me, let’s go get something to eat.

Waseman:sure nigga, let’s go (biggreen)

We walked to the nearby shop close to our house to get minerals. As I got there I was trying to reach the woman selling those provisions when waseman touched me then I turned back.

Waseman:(pointing backward with his thumb)


I turned to look at his back then I saw a very curvy creature, my eyes glowed and my heart was filled with love as I set my eyes on her.
At that moment she was the best creature I ever saw. She was really looking cool without earnings no makeup, she tied her head with turban while she wore a flexible long sleeve sweater and a smart skirt I couldn’t look at her shoes well cos I was satisfied already.

Me: waseman, I must go for this girl.

Waseman:sure, she fits you.

Me:where is my phone???

Waseman:Check your pocket.

I dip my hand into my pocket to bring outmy phone, I check it and realized that the phone battery is drained.

Me:oh gosh!!! My phone is dead bro!!!

Waseman:take mine just finish the work.

As I collect the phone from waseman I looked up then I saw the girl walking away without buying anything. I started following her, I followed her to where I knew no one will. Notice my presence


cos I am a very popular guy in that area, I played football all round the four corners of oluwaseyi street somewhere in ijoko I was popularity known as wayama.

(Back to flashback)

So I walked up to her.

Me:excuse me lady

(She paused and turned to look at me)

Me:ehn, my name is dare, I saw you at that shop so I was really impressed by your dressing, so I felt so attracted to you. Actually I am not go. A waste your time, all I am Here for, I want to be in touch with you as in I wanna be your friend.

Lady:unnn..? So…

Me:(smiled) no hard feeling plssss

Lady:OK, there is nothing bad in that.

Me:very good, can I get your name???

Lady:I am NIFEMI.

Me:OK that’s cool. Pls one more thing..

Nifemi:what again(she looked up as if she was tired)

Me:you know (smiled) if I am gonna be your friend am gonna need your contact to communicate with you.

Nifemi: (smiled)hmmm, OK 09094350***

Me:oh good will give you a. Call, good night byee.

I checked the time on My watch, it was past 9pm. Everywhere was dark. My area was a local one so things are being done fast before rush hour.
I went back home that night my heart was filled with joy I explained to waseman.

Waseman: ah you too much my nigga. See as you compose. I enjoy the OT.

Me:you know say the OT don tey for my head. I am an expert.

Waseman: so how far naa,

Me:ehn I will call her but not today.

Waseman:OK, Nigga.

I was preparing for my jamb that year so I had it in my mind that am not gonna spend more time at that area.
There is one little girl of 16years with heavy package that was really beautiful, her name, ganiyat she was really beautiful to be sincere she was great and she was very close to me, she even said it with her mouth that she like me but she doesn’t like my friend waseman. She said my lifestyle matches her own but I never took it serious cos I take her as a kid and I and her elder sister was in love a year back and she knew everything about us but she was a very free girl. If I can still get in touch with her today I can marry this girl. This is a sincere feelings.

Ganiyat has been coming around me, she wouldn’t let me rest. When ever she is back from school at itoki high school she will would me what ever she do she will tell me. She has kept all her secret with me even her family background and history she told me all. But the reality is that, no matter how ignorant a man is to a girl so far the girl keeps giving him signs he will always fall for it. I have bee. Ignoring ganiyat for like one straight year But she didn’t stop touching and doing some other things to gain my attention.

So it began. I started feeling for her then I was enjoying everybit of her. One particular Night she wanted to fetch water at the back of our building so she told me to follow her, I followed her, we got there so she told she was thirsty she wanted fanta mineral.

I gave her money then she bought it and came back. We sat at one dark corner inside an u completed shop. So I noticed she was looking at me and was smiling she was robbing her laps. I gave my self a dip tought what could she be doing. She was pulling her skirt upward gradually.

That was when I noticed that she wanted something Romantic. As for me I don’t like romancing in an uncompleted building. TBC…

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