episode 3: (MAIN STORY)
After I left the restaurant, I went home straight thanking my stars that they didn’t beat me up like a scapegoat.
(School hours)
Lecture was going on smoothly, some boys where busy talking in a low tone, some where actually listening to the lecturer. I saw her sitting at the edge of the class but I ignored her I wasn’t in the mood to interact with her.
(After class)
As I went outside to refresh my self, I went straight to the a snax bar to get pie and mineral when I collide with her again.

Lady:heyyy!!! Its you again.

Me:oh, yea.

Lady:I didn’t get you name that day

Me:yea, yea am dare

Lady:am Toyo

Me:OK Toyo nice meeting you once again.

Toyo:ehn, you see those guys are not so friendly ok?? Don’t fight them.

Me:no, no,no. I can’t fight them, I am not that kind of person.

Toyo: OK that’s cool then(looking into my eyes).

Toyo:so… (Smilled)how is it gonna be?

Me:(clueless) I don’t understand you.

Before Toyo could explain what she meant, my gf Anna interrupted from behind.

Anna:love, I have been calling your line for the past 10munites.

Anna:why aren’t you picking it.

Me:oh, sorry ehn. I didn’t observe.

Anna:its OK, who is she?

Me:ehn, well, she… Is..

(Toyo interrupted)

Toyo:he is my course mate we where just headeding for group meeting so I had to inform him.

Anna:oh, OK then maybe I should go and we will talk later.

Toyo:no not at all, am just leaving too.

Toyo:dare, take care.


Anna:shut up.

She walks away from my presence as I glanced on her backside, the movement of her structure arouse my sexual libido but I quickly adjust cos I was in the midst of many people.
****** PHONE CALL *******
Me:hello, pls who is on the line?

Octopus: my nigga na me naa

Me:I don’t know you pls.

Octopus: see this guy oo have you deleted my number???

Me:pls what’s your name??

Octopus: chai, na octo be this

Me:(surprised)oh, my niggaaaaaa, octo the octopus, octopus the brave, octopus the wise one.

Octopus: (laughing) hahahahaha that is me ooo.

Me:octopus the greatest. Longest time.

Octopus: yes ooo

Me:where have you been, where did you go brother.

Octopus; my nigga it wasn’t easy oooo I swear

Me:I have called your line for like six month but it wasn’t going at all but why???

Octopus: you know I explained about my family issue to you.

Me:oh that’s true ooo.

Me:how about your mother???

Octopus: (sad) dare, my mother didn’t make it.

Me:Jesus!!! How come???

Octopus: she didn’t survive the attack

Me:oh God, why? Despite all she had gone through.

Octopus: bro, I was lost when I saw her died in my arms.

Me:oh, lord(sad)this is pathetic. Brother, how can I get to see you?

Octopus: am still in the village, when I get to kwarra I will call you.

Me:OK octopus. Pls take care of your self bro.

Octopus: no problem, I will.

Me:OK I will call you again later.

Octopus: Alright.


Octopus was my great friend in qwarra, he wasn’t schooling cos he has graduated from kwarra poly immediately after I joined the school. So I met him when I was trying to process admission, when I was actually looking for a house to rent that would be nearer to school. He was the one who brought me in, he negotiated the house rent with as he said I should stay with him after all am a guy like him.

I examined his proposal for days, I has no choice than to take his offer cos I also doesn’t have enough cash to pay my school bills and to rent a room my self. So with the little cash I had then, I managed it and I agreed to his proposal. Ever since I lived with him, I never had any problem with him. We where so compatible in many aspect. He doesn’t smoke, drink, fight, club, all these things we both don’t do it but we got one thing in common womanizing.
It was past six o clock in the evening when I had the knock on my door, I wondered who might that be.

Me:who is that ??

Anna:its me jorr open this door.

Me:oh its you?

Anna:yea, you are surprised aren’t you?

Me:yes I am. You didn’t tell me you will be here today.

Anna:yes I want to surprise you today.

Me:(raised eyebrow) oh really?? What….

Before I could say another word, she hug me and started kissing me. She rapped her hands round my neck as my body started vibrating like a micanno generator.

Its been a while we had sex together last so we both we really turned on like a traffic green light.

She began pressing her two boobs to my body as the sensation keeps flowing in my brain. I started pulling her tub bra from inside her long brown gown as the romance kept flowing my d**k was inching me inside my short jean trying to find its way out. I drew down her gown zip from behind while the kiss was still going on. Her skin was so soft on my palm as I grabbed her ass and drew the closer to my d**k. This time she lean on my totally as I moved towards my matrass which was on the floor, I layed her on the bed then I dwell on her I used my two hands to lift her gown from down to her breast level. The romance was getting more sweeter as it has dominated my head. I naked her within three minutes on bed. She just lay low as I unbuckled my jean and undressed my self fully. I dwell on her again as I insert my d**k in her v*** ouch, it feels like when you put a hot iron rod into an ice water. The sensation was really sweet. She was really enjoying the sex as she was moaning in a silent sound. The sex lasted for just six minutes then we both pay flat on the bed looking at the fan above us after some munites again, we start another sex adventure. Finally we has sex nine times that day. That girl called Anna drained me that particular day my eyes was as if I couldn’t see anymore. I was very light and exhausted but I couldn’t see sign of weakness in her.

Anna:oya now let’s do more am horny.

Me:ah, ehn??

Anna:yes, are you tired.

Me:ah, you can kill someone ooo. Oya start dressing up you are going home now.

Anna:no ooo I already told my friends at home that am sleeping her.

Me:ehn, you can’t sleep her, I will die before tomorrow morning. TBC…

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