HEpisode 3
Professor Tanmo smiled. You are all going to travel in groups.
You are all going to choose from the following tourist centers. Don’t be afraid. All of this tourist centres are in the southwest. I want you all to go there, make a field research about them and document them. He walked to the board and wrote
Ikogosi Warm spring. 2. Oranmiyan staff, Ile ife. 3. Lagos bar beach. 4. Erin Ijesha waterfalls. 5. Idanre hills, Akure. 6. Old oyo national park and Olumo rock, Abeokuta.
The whole class was murmuring again. Then Professor Tanmo turned to the class. Today is Wednesday. The school has approved that you can all take the rest of the week off. I will be getting my assignment next week Wednesday. The class rep, his assistant and Kola should ensure everybody is grouped. I don’t want more than 10 people in a group. Kola, let me have the list of members in every group before the end of the day. Goodbye and good luck!
Professor Tanmo said and he exited the class. Immediately he left the class, the whole class went in disarray. Bidemi and I moved to the board to see the list of places Professor Tanmo wrote.
Guy, which one make we go na? I asked Bidemi
Baba, considering the distance and cost, I will suggest we go to the one closer to us. Bidemi said.
Hope you are not suggesting the old oyo national park? I said
Yes, that was my thought you know. He replied
Abegi, let’s go out of Ibadan. Johnson suggested
That’s a nice idea Johnson. Getting out of Ibadan will give us an edge over others who would be in the vicinity of Oluyole here. I replied.
Then Tope and Babatunde walked up to us.
Hey Guys! We are in your team. Tunde said.
That’s good. I am the team leader. I said
Let’s move out of Ibadan and as Bidemi had said too, we need to consider our financial strength too. So I will advise we don’t go far.
You are right Kola. Tope said.
So where should we go?
Should we go to Abeokuta then? Tunde soliloquized.
That’s the Olumo rock, abi? Bidemi asked
Yea, the Olumo rock. Johnson said.
Ok guys, are we all agreeing on the Olumo rock?
Yes, we do. They all chorused in Unison.
Alright then, the Olumo rock it is!

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