Episode 11
Still sitting on the floor, all was like a dream to me, Daniella eventually left me, a girl that loves me, she can’t do without me, so she eventually left, but why would she leave me during this time, this is the time I need her the most
Kola: guy, don’t let us blame this girl, we cant blame her, she did the right thing, we are talking about death, can she run how you can run? What about your two boys, can they defend themselves
Me: but all this have happened before I met her kola, I love her that’s why I didn’t tell her
Kola: we should have told her, we fuck up, wipe the tears on your cheek, I know she will sit and think when she gets to her place
Me: I don’t even want her to think, let her do her worst, I will be expecting her paper, if I die, I didn’t die in vain, I have children
Kola: no one is dying, I even came to tell you that I was sacked ni, little did I know that it was because of you
Me: they sack you? With your post?
Kola: see this one o, who cant be sack o, but I was surprise when I was called back again this night
Me: that’s good but hope its not a plan, so that they will get to you through me
Kola: hmm, iv been thinking also, im not going back o, let me face my business
Me: sebi I do tell you to leave and face your work
We heard a knock,
Me: who is that again?
She open the door,
Me: did I tell you to enter, oya get out
Cynthia: Daniel I’m sorry, please
I rushed to her, gave her 3 slaps before kola could hang my hand
Kola: Dan stop now, when did you turn to a woman beater
Me: she brought all this on me
Kola: guy lets leave that please, let find solution, remember my house is beside yours, so they know we are together
Cynthia: Daniel please, (she knelt) all what your in-law told you is right, the man is a drug dealer, and if you don’t impregnate me, I will just die in vain, he is wicked, Daniel I cant leave him, I wanted to marry you when I saw you, but ve tried it once, he killed the guy, and tell me to try it again,
Me: do you expect me to pity you? You married the man cus of his wealth, so you should have dance to the tune yourself, without dragging me into it now
Cynthia: I know Daniel, (she faced kola) it was because I want to use latest things, and see where I ended my life, it was because I am not contented with what I have, truly I met the man when i was coming to your school then, but he didn’t force me to love him, he entice me with his money, we did white wedding, I’ve landed his house before I realized what I’m done for,
Kola: you self fuck up
Cynthia: if I didn’t meet Daniel, I wouldn’t have become a mother, his doctor told me, his sperm can no longer produce baby, but chief doesn’t know, chief do tell me that if I do any rubbish he will kill me like he killed his first wife
Kola: ha,
Cynthia: I didn’t know Daniel would make it in life like this, (pause) I would have stood by him, now am regretting, (sobbing) I do cry everyday, whenever I see Daniella’s post on whatsapp or facebook, cus she’s occupying my position
Kola: stop crying please but how did chief found out sef
Cynthia: okay (she wiped her tears away) my son was strong before, so when we got to the state, he went out with is uncle, I didn’t know what happen sha, maybe he fell ni o, chief sha left me at home, on coming back like this, I started receiving different slaps, he said my son is a bastard, if not for his son, he would have kill me, he tied me and tell me to confess, with different punishment,
Kola: oga o
Me: na you sabi
Cynthia: you know the thing be say, he just do one business ni o, six hundred billion,
Kola: chai
Cynthia: and the money is in my account, those people transact the money into my account cus he doesn’t want EFCC to know, so he will surely find me
Me: (cut in) return his money then
Cynthia: Daniel, weather I return the money or not, he will surely try his luck to find us, I can’t return it o, that’s my inheritance,
Me: you see (I faced kola) that’s today’s ladies problem, maybe you ve been used sef, you dnt know, cus of latest thing, see your life now
Cynthia: say anything you like Daniel, I deserve it
Kola: guys please enough, what about your son
Cynthia: they are already on their way to Ghana, from there to uk, he rented the apartment for my mum, so there is no place to hide
Me: (cut in) some mother sha, imagine, so she knows all this, oga o, I don’t blame you
Cynthia: (she sit on the chair opposite me) Daniel please don’t abuse my Mum please, did you know the pressure he use on my mum before my mum finally agree, you should know my mum now,(pause) she tried her best, but she can’t just be looking at me, she moved to the place after much pleading.
Me: this is serious o,
I left there to my room, to try Daniella’s number, but the thing is not going, I went back to join them
Me: kola tell Juliet to go and stay with your mum now, at least for some time, or you get her another house, or what do you think? I kuku don use my own ruin you bai
Kola: that’s what I will do, but Daniel lets go and sleep in my place at least for tonight, I don’t trust you cus of this your wife stuf, you may want to act funny, no one will die
Me: haha, na today ni, the worst thing I can do is to cry, don’t worry I will be fine, just take this witch with you
Kola: (smile) she’s not a witch, (he face Cynthia) lets go sister

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