Episode 12
Cynthia: kola, don’t worry about me, let him kill me,
Kola: why is all of you talking about death like this
Kola: no problem sha
He left us and went to his house, i sat on the chair, pick my remote and on the television
Cynthia: Daniel, the noise is too much now,
Me: is it your house,
Cynthia: it is my baby daddy’s place
Me: are you okay?
Cynthia: Daniel, (she craw to my place on her kneel, with tears on her face) please forgive me, I know I have brought sadness into your life, please forgive me, please, think of the love between us, think of the child I have for you, please, I know its normal for you to blast me like this, If you kill me I deserve it, please, I ve broken your home, cus of me,(pause) your ex left you, cus of me your wife is about to leave you also, please Daniel forgive me
Me: just go and sleep, just stop crying also
Cynthia: I know I don’t deserve to live again, since the day you’ve met me, ive been cheating on you, you forgive me many times, hoping I will change still I didn’t, till I ruined my life, till I lost a gold while chasing stone (pause) Daniel I know you don’t plan for this, you plan to have a happy family, your ex, the girl you plan to marry left you cus of me, Daniella your housewife also, please Daniel
Me: what is it you want gangan
Cynthia: lets run away together Daniel, you will come back when everything settle (Pause) v been going before, but can’t do without you
Me: I have a multimillion naira business here
Cynthia: Daniel, your life worth more than that
Me: I know o, but go and sleep, God will teach us what to do
Cynthia: I cant sleep, sleep no come sef
Me: me want to sleep o
I went to my room, I tried Daniella’s num again, still switched off, and Cynthia slept on the chair in my sitting room.
Her voice woke me up in the following morning,
Me: morning
Cynthia: Daniel, this is chief calling me
Me: pick it now
She picked it, she put on loudspeaker
Cynthia: hello
Chief: Cynthia
Cynthia: yes
Chief: why did you hurt me?
Cynthia: you are funny, I know I offended you, and I am truly sorry, but you are also wicked now, so you intentionally dried up your sperm, cus you only want to be fucking me, so that I wont give birth to any baby for you, so I will just be like an ordinary snake that passes on the rock and go like that, you are also wicked
Chief: who told you all this, Doctor Sunday?
Cynthia: I don’t know o, so that you can go and kill him again abi
Chief: okay, baby, I will forgive you, just return the money with you, and I will free you, I promise you, nothing will happen to you, infact you can go and marry your Daniel
Cynthia: the money is for the sex that I’ve been giving you, and for the beatings that I’ve received from you and for killing my ex lover also, so na shut up money
Chief: Cynthia I believe you know me well, don’t let me vent my anger on you, you offended me, and here I am begging you for my money again, return my money and lets be in peace,
Cynthia: I’m not returning anything, you can come and kill me also, or Daniel, like you always do
Chief: I’m giving you 24 hours if not, you will regret ever knowing me
Cynthia: look at you, who talk say I no dey regret before,
She ended the call
Me: please return his money please
Cynthia: I’m not returning anything, I’ve been planning my visa, no be from this money I dey plan? My mum and my son would have be in Ghana by now, from there to London, na from this money, so mr man, I am not returning anything
Me: return his money and let everybody be in peace
Cynthia: I don’t think you know what you are saying, chief, will leave me even after collecting his money? I doubt that, the man is wicked, he knows if I file for divorce, I will take half of his property, so you expect him to leave me?
Me: ha God, where you eyes dey o, Cynthia want to ruin my life o

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