episode 5:*

*back to present*
I heard someone shouting my name as I walk slowly, after a boring lecture in class.
I looked around, to my surprise it was toyosi.

Toyo:hey!!! Wait dare!!!


Toyo:hi, how are you?

Me:am fine and you?

Toyo:am also good.

Me:okay! So what’s up?

Toyo:ehn, how about we go somewhere and relax?

Me:(surprised)(is she…)


Me:ehn, but I don’t think I can do that right now, am really tired and I need to sleep right now.

Toyo:(rolled her eyes)

Toyo:OK. Its alright

Me:am sorry maybe next time.

Toyo:its OK boy.

Me:(hmm me boy) alright.

She walks away from me as her buttock rolling left and right. My heart resolved as I saw her tempting body the tought of fucking her dominated my heart instantly. She is damn beautiful and tempting to my face. As I turned around about to walk away then I saw anna again.

Me:anna? Oh u scare the hell out of my ass.

Anna:(laughed) who are you staring at?

She looked behind me to see who it was. I turned back to look if Toyo was still on the walk. But she was gone.

Me:ehn,no oone.

Anna:ok, dear let’s go to your house

Me:am not feeling too well.


She touched my chest with her soft palm, she glanced at me looking into my eyeball.

Anna:dear, I am missing you so much. Let’s go to your house am gonna prepare food for you then you can take drugs okay???

Me:(sign)OK love. Let’s walk.

We both walked away. After about 10munites walk from school to the gate. We took a napep to my my house, we entered then I fell flat on the bed as she drops her books on my chair then she went out to get food stuffs.

Me:Jesus, pls don’t kill me pls I surrender capon pls no! no!! no!!!

Capon:you will die today, you betrayed us. Dieeeeee!!!

jumped up from the bed as I was breathing heavily looking like strained goat.

M:oh it was a dream, oh my God. Thank you Jesus.

(Anna entered)
Anna:dear, why are you sweating like this?


Anna:despite how the fan is rotating really fast…

Me:lol, don’t mind. So how far what have you cooked?

Anna:rice and stew.

Me:very good, I need it now.

Anna: I got your drugs too. Now you are to pay me 2k

Me:chai, you want to kill me ?? I no get money ooo

Anna:hmm, I will collect it later anyway…

I am gonna fuck you so hard girl. Said by mr dele.


Mr dele:oh my D¡¢k is really inching me.

As ruthina undresses her self half naked, she drew her mini skirt up, her laps was really fresh, she was bursty and smart. Mr dele pushed her to the edge if his desk facing the desk her butt was in front of mr dele. He lifted her mini skirt up as he began to drew her pant down his D¡¢k was really close to her smooth Pu$$¥. Mr dele inserted his long D¡¢k straight into her Pu$$¥.

He began fucking ruthina tight Pu$$¥ in and out, ruthina was feeling the sensation from his D¡¢k, mr dele was fucking her really fast he was folding the young lady boobs. He drew her closer again and again as he was banging her inside his office. This time ruthina couldn’t control her self. She was really making noise as the fucking was too sweet for her wet tight Pu$$¥ mr dele changed her position again as she lay flat face to face to mr dele mr got hold of her boobs and started massaging and sucking it passionately ruthina was really squirting from her Pu$$¥ as mr dele was pounding her with his long D¡¢k.

The $€x lasted fifteen minutes as mr dele ejaculate on top of her Pu$$¥.

Mr dele:oh, you are really sweet, your Pu$$¥ is very huge and nice for my D¡¢k.

Ruthina:(dressing up) can you help me with my result now?

Mr dele:don’t worry your result is ok , since you have write your exam here in my office.

Ruthina walks out of his office as if nothing happened.

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