Episode 13
Cynthia: I cant, lets go and start our life over there, if not for you, I would have remain a barren, he thought the injection fail, that’s why he couldn’t challenge me, the Doctor said he asked him severally, if truly he is the owner of my baby,
Me: oga o, I want to go and see my wife sha
I jumped up from the bed, and I went to dress up, went to Daniella’s place, I met the place locked, on getting home, I met kola and Cynthia at home
Kola: so did you see her
Me: everywhere was locked ni o,
Kola: eeyah, maybe she don travel out b that
Me: maybe sha, cus she said she processed her visa with just 2 days then, they kuku ge money and they ge mouth, na people like us dey use 1 month process visa
Kola: naso baba mi o
Some days later
I couldn’t even think of sex, I can feel it that I’m getting slim, imagine, v confirmed it that my wife, children and in law are no longer in the country, Cynthia is the one doing the cooking, I do go to work, chief still keeps disturbing Cynthia to return the money, we thought it was a joke until one morning, kola was with us, we were gisting when we heard a gunshot, Cynthia that have been sleeping, wake up instantly, we rushed to the exit door, there is a small gate that link kola’s place and mine, we passed through this gate, I was already running, it was Cynthia that uses her initiative to close the gate again, we heard the thieves shouting at the gateman, “thought you said they are all here”, the poor guy couldn’t talk, he was speechless, “gbau” he was shot, they left, for about 10 min, I couldn’t move, it was Cynthia that open the gate, when he heard their car sound, so they’ve killed my gateman, innocent blood, on my neck, Cynthia rushed to the boy, I reluctantly move closer to her, with kola, she rest the guy’s head on her chest, the guy was shot on his head, Cynthia was crying
Cynthia: (sobbing) Benson will pay for this, they killed him, cus of me, innocent guy was killed
Kola: this is serious
Me: were will I put him?
Cynthia: we will call the police, they will come, we will explain everything to them
Kola: lets call them
Me: hope they wont say we killed him?
Kola: they cant
I put a call through to the police, they came, and Cynthia and I follow them to the station, we told them, how it happened, they contact one of my gateman’s friend, they told him, I can see the way the boy was crying, I feel for him, he has been crying, all of a sudden, he grabbed me,
His friend: you kill my friend, I go kill kill you too
Me: I swear, I didn’t, it was thieves, I no ge gun now, how I go shoot him
His friend: wahalai talai, you go pay
One of the police intervened,
Police: oga, go and check his house, you will see how this people destroy his house
His friend: I don hear you, no be him the thieves they find? why they no kill him and his wife (pointing at Cynthia)
Police: oga respect yourself o, if you know you want to revenge, just work with us, or you may not go home today, cus with the way you are talking its as if you want to go and kill them
The guy didn’t talk, he let go of my cloth,
Me: oga, I swear, no be me, you know I like him now
We left the place, straight to kola’s place. On getting inside, I saw his wife packing her cloth and her babies own
Me: Juliet, whats going on
Juliet: your friend said I should be going to our 2nd house,
Me: oh, that’s true, but why cant you be going to your mummy’s place, so that you wont feel lonely
Juliet: he said he will be coming, every night
Me: okay
Cynthia didn’t talk, she’s just looking at us, she went to sit on the chair
Juliet: oga, you no even greet me
Cynthia: no vex jare Juliet, I am tired ni
Juliet: don’t worry, all will be well very soon
Cynthia: Amen o, just tell your children not to marry a man cus of money o, now m regretting my own actions, I wud hav be like you now,
Juliet: don’t worry, you will be happy at the end
Cynthia: Amen
Kola came in,
Kola: you guys are back,
Me: yes jare
Kola: let her be going to that my 2nd place till everything, settle
Me: that’s good
Cynthia: Juliet please can you please beg Daniel to follow me to London please, I brought all this upon you guys, the only thing, that can settle it is if they didn’t hear from us again, if we can just go for just 2 month, believe me, his body will calm,
Juliet: Dan please now, follow her

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