I was walking trough the school auditorium at the passage as I walked forward then I jammed the notorious capon again.

I waited and my breathing started chocking gradually.
He looks at me and frowned a little as he walks closer to me.

Capon:hey, fish. Long time no see.

He was touching my chest with confidence.

Me:hey, what do you want?

Capon:oh. What do I want? Or what am gonna use you for???

Me:pls I don’t understand you, just let me go now am busy.

As I wanted to move away after two steps he pushed me back with anger drowning his face.

Capon: *(angry)*you should never walk out on me never again. Are you clear?

Me:who the hell are you? I have no business with you guy, let me pass.

Capon: *(shocked)*wow, hmm, I love your courage which is why you are still alive fish. But by the time am ready for you, you gonna follow my leads.

Capon walked out on me with full anger on his face as I turned back and was really afraid of him. And of wat could happen to me cos it seems things is looking different somehow

*exam period*
Anna:I know you of course, but you aren’t reading why?

Me:I will read later but now let’s have $€x.

Anna:no, am not in the mood now.

Me:you must be in the mood oo.

I got up quickly as I moved closer to her, she quickly covered her breast with her two hands, she rapped her self with her pillow as she fold her legs tight I looked at her and laughed at her.

Me:see this one, I will rape you today

Anna:shouting, stop!!!

Me:hey, stop making noise we are in your house, and your friends are outside you know so stop making noise and let’s do this.

Anna:who cares? They also do the same.

Me:ehn ehn?

I have learnt many things from Anna despite the fact that she wasn’t lecturing me but I could grab many things on how ladies act. I was thinking about it

Me:(so these girls too do bring their boyfriends to this room and start fucking them selves hmm bad girls)

Me:chai, women are very secretive, they will do things you don’t think they can do.

I continued to disturb Anna as I began romancing her , she still foldup her self. I forcefully remove her clothes I already knew my strength was far far beyond hers. I was just ripping out everything she had on. She couldn’t help it as she was just there on the chair looking at me but she was still struggling.

Anna:pls stop naa, you are too strong.

Me:lol, you are too light.

Anna:I will cry oo


I removed everything entirely, I removed her two hands from her boobs easily but she finds it too difficult to over come me.

Anna:ooooo leave me alone naaa.


I kissed her in her lips she resisted, I took my mouth straight to her boobs as I began sucking her boobs, she began to cooperate gradually.
Her noise decreased now she wasn’t resisting me anymore. She laid flat on the long chair, I unzipped my jean, I took out my strong firm D¡¢k, I carried her legs up and I inserted my firm D¡¢k into her Pu$$¥, I began to fuck her and steady, she was really loving my D¡¢k as it was going in and out she was really wet, I could feel it trough my D¡¢k the fucking was going smoothly. I began to fuck her faster cos the sensation was really coming high. She was giving out a nice sensational tone. I couldn’t resist the $€x, I knew I was gonna cum but I continued fucking her in and out, the sperm was at the top of my D¡¢k as I was about to release in her Pu$$¥, she quickly pushed me away and I removed my D¡¢k. The sperm rushed out of my D¡¢k to the chair.

I felt so relieved after the $€x.

Anna:why do you want to cum in me?

Me:ehn, I was enjoying it too much (smilled).

Anna:hmm, don’t try such next time OK??

Me:OK, alright, Madam.

She wore her clothes back then I zipped my jean back up as both of us walked out of the room, as we both got outside I saw three of her friends staring at me and I was really shy cos I knew they already know we must have $€x which we did.

I never mind them I just wave my hand to them, telling them am going.

As Anna came out, they smiled at her and told her to buy food stuff when coming back.

I shook my head and we both went away.

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