Episode 14
Me: Juliet, what about my business, before I come back now what will happen to it,
Cynthia: Daniel, you can employ a manager, or you tell your guys to take over till you come, they will fill a form, for just one or two month, we are back, I would have go but I cant leave you, I caused all this
Juliet: please no ves for this question o, sister Cynthia, did you love bro Daniel like this or you just don’t want to go cus you caused it
Cynthia: Juliet, I love Daniel and he knows, its been long
Me: leave this love alone jare, kola what do you think?
Kola: does those guys know how to handle the thing very well? Did they know about field work
Me: they know about the work, but in most cases, you know if some of these big people didn’t see me, they may be talking
Kola: you will room your line, so it will be going through, your life worth more this this Daniel, and I will be going there aswell
Juliet: bro Daniel please, your wife will come back and by then, you guys will meet,
My phone rang, the call was from one of my friend
Me: hello aw va
My friend: guy, you no hear the news,
Me: watin happen
My friend: guy, the thing be say, one man, Chief Benson accused you of abducting his wife, and he is legally married to her, that you even impregnate his wife
Me: ha,
My friend: omo this is serious, you be wanted now o
Me: how I go abduct his wife, how is that possible, thank you sha, I will handle it
I dropped the call, sat down, Cynthia rushed to me
Cynthia: Daniel what happen again
Me: your husband have gone to report me, saying I’ve abducted you, I’m I now a wanted
Cynthia: haha, is this man stupid?
Me: seriously I am tired, return his money, you no hear, now see
Kola: this man mad o, Cynthia abeg return his money
Cynthia: even if I return it, he will still do his worst jare, na today I dey liv with him ni
Kola: guy, you will travel by night be that o,
Me: wont they recognize me ni
Kola: see Daniel sha, so you think na all of them do listen to the news
Juliet: hmmm, bro kola
Kola: yes now, alaye carry go,
Me: okay sha, but Cynthia you can transfer atleast little of his money to him, then you tell him to drop the charges, then you will send the remaining after he drop the chargea
Cynthia: okay sha,
Me: yes call him now
Cynthia picked her phone, she made transaction of 1 billion naira to her, she now call him
Cynthia: hello,
Chief: how are you
Cynthia: atleast I’ve transfer 1 billion naira to you, I heard you’ve gone to police station to report Daniel, and me, did he abduct me, who told you I am with him
Chief: how I’m I suppose to know, but didn’t he impregnate you? Return my money
Cynthia: I’v been doing that now, drop the charges against him and I will send the rest
Chief: (smile) so you love the guy like this, imagine, return everything, and I will drop it against him, I know the two of you are together, but you cant run from me, lets see how you will cope with you guys pictures on Nigerian newspaper all around Nigeria
Cynthia: I will expose you Benson
Chief: how? You cant find anything against me, come and search my house if you will see anything,
Cynthia: is that it? dont worry, that’s why you kill his gateman abi
Chief: sister, how? I was in my house when the incident happen, so who will believe you
Cynthia: I know you are smart, but I’v you forgotten I’m a lady, wait and see, if that’s how you want it, then lets leave it like that,
She ended the call
Cynthia: didn’t I tell you guys? Kola and Juliet be going, we will sort our self, just be praying for us
They left us, it was me and Cynthia again in my house, we’ve lock everywhere, I was scared to stay there, but that Cynthia ge mind, she called one guy, I didn’t know the guy until two guys show up, they sat at the sitting room
Me: Cynthia who are this people
Cynthia: just be looking,
She went to meet them, she called one Doctor Sunday, that must be chief’s doctor, and the other one is one of chief’s bouncer, but that one is loyal to her
Cynthia: Doctor, chief has been calling me, for his money
Doctor: sister, I am also scared, because he called me, he said if not because he would still need me in the future, he would have kill me, so my life now has an expiring date cus I told you what he did, as soon he’s done using me, he will kill me
Cynthia: how,
Doctor: he want me to testify against you in court incase if it leads to police stuf, but if it doesn’t, am done be that
Cynthia: oga o, nothing will happen in Jesus name
Doctor faced me, “you must be Mr. Daniel abi
Me: yes
Cynthia faced the other guy,
Cynthia: what about the thing,
The guy brought a pistol gun, that will be the first time of me holding a gun, I collected it, it heavy small
Me: what for?
Cynthia: for protection now, I know how to use it, I work with a drug dealer, so gun no be new thing, and I have a gun liesence,

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