Episode 15
Me: okay o
Cynthia: just trust me Daniel, we will be fine, (she faced the doctor) Doctor, please, nothing will happen to you, have you seen the money I sent
Doctor: yes ma
They left, Cynthia called one guy to prepare my passport, I jus dey look like mumu, I am not myself again, we told the guy that we will be in Lagos by evening, Kola called me on phone to ask about the latest development, on dropping his call, Kalid one of my staff called me that police just left, they came to ask of me, and to see them anytime I’m back, I also use the medium to tell him to deliver my message to other staff, that I will be travelling, I also I begged them to take good care of the company, thank God they no be novice for the business, they all wished me well, we waited till evening before, we carry my car with me, Cynthia drove the car, the girl is strong, she no fear, that’s when I know if not because she loves me, she would have flee without me, cus she ge mouth, imagine, passport that some people use days to process, she processed it with just a call, she noticed the way I was looking at her while driving
Cynhtia: Daniel, why are you looking at me?
Me: nothing, I’m just looking at you, didn’t know you love me
Cynthia: see you, I do tell you, but you think I’m not serious about it, I love you, and I will forever do, we will start a new life over there, my baby will have a sister
Me: hmmm, (but I still love her deep down inside of me)
Cynthia: you don’t love me, cus you neva say it out
Me: I love you Cynthia and you know, but I pray we fight through all this
Cynthia: Amen Daniel, if I don’t love you, I would have left you since but I do, I would have followed my mum.
Me: I can see,
Cynthia: but when we get there, please don’t look at other girls, love only me like I love you, I know I don’t deserve it, but please forgive me.
Me: I’ve heard you, let’s get there first,
Cynthia: okay,
She kept mute all of a sudden, she look back,
Cynthia: Daniel, that black Prado has been trailing us since,
Me: ha, Jesus Christ,
Cynthia: don’t fear, I would rather take your place than to allow them to kill you
Me: no one will die
Cynthia: Amen, but just take care of my son, that’s my gift to you. Lets show them, trust me
She increases the speed, I was scared, what will happen to me, they keep following us, she picked her phone while driving, she called one guy, I don’t know the guy,
Cynthia: Mr Fred, are you in station? , ok, just want to branch and greet you
Cynthia: my love, just trust me,
When we get to one particular place, the place is more or less like a close, but I didn’t know it was not a close, the gate was open, she drove into the place, by then I cant see the jeep again. The man was an old man, he welcomed us. We sat at his sitting room, I whispered into her hear, “what’s going on” she didn’t reply, the man gave us juice in tumbler
Mr Fred: Cynthia baby, who is this man
Cynthia: that’s why your friend want to kill me
Mr Fred: Benson is not my friend, he is a traitor, but I don’t know why I like you, he told you to come and play with me, so as to kill me, yet you told me, you are such a nice girl,
Cynthia: thank you sir, sir this is the guy I told you about,
Mr fred: oh, your baby Daddy, he look innocent, you see, if not for you (he faced me) she would have be like a snake, she loves you, she told me she want to divorce chief and move in with you, I told her not to try such, cus he will kill you, young man, I am also a drug dealer before I stop it, I don’t do such again, I loosed my two sons in rehab cus of drugs, I took them far away but still they indulge in it, nobody preach for me, if not for God and cus I have 5 children, I would have die like that,
Me: sorry about that sir
Mr Fred: no no, I deserve it, I will make sure you guys leave this country, when you get there, start a new life, and Benson will be arrested soon,
Cynthia: thank you sir, I wouldn’t have branched sef, if not for his guys that are chasing us sef
Mr Fred: he will surely try his best, I know, but don’t worry, will give you my Pajero key, drop your car here, and take the other side back to express,
Cynthia: thank you sir
Mr Fred: Daniel, don’t worry, all will be well, lets pray please
We knelt down, he prayed, Cynthia and I, continue our Journey, and we thank God, we got to Lagos around 10:30pm, we couldn’t see any hotel that night, so we went to Omolara’s place, she didn’t want to follow me, on getting there, I knocked, it was a male voice that I heard,
Voice: who is there?
Me: Daniel
He opened the door, thank God light dey, he is a dark guy, just like me, , Omolara also come out, the guy was on pant, half erected, with the look on Omolara’s face, its shows the guy just knack her finish, she was scared to see me, fear gripped her
Omolara: I’m sorry Daniel

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