The police force in Niger State have arrested one Mr God’stime Okon, for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl at By-Water Area, Lambata.

God’stime lured the little girl into his room and then allegedly defiled her om the 17th of july this year.

Okon was reported to have been engaging in the act of raping little girls for many years until luck rwn out on him recently, according to Northern City News.

The suspect told newsmen that he was attracted to underage girls, saying that he cannot control himself whenever he sees one.

“It has become part of me; anytime I set my eyes on small beautiful girls, It turns me on and it has been affecting me seriously. “Even when I am on a bike, I will stop and say hello to the girl before I continue on my way and it’s something I cannot control, to be frank” he said.

The suspect said that he did not regard it as a criminal act until he found himself in police custody.

Okon however said that he regretted his actions and asked the girl’s parents for forgiveness, promising to repent.

Police PRO for the state, muhammad abubakar said the suspect opened up to his crimes during interogation.

He is to be charged to court afrer completion of investigations.

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