episode 7:*

*flash back*
Me:oh, ganiyat what are you doing here?

Ganiyat: I came to play with you of course.

Me: ehn? In my room Abi??

Ganiyat: (laughing) anyhow you like.

The dirty thinking came into my head.

I feel like fucking this girl right now, how can she be bold enough to tell me she came to play with me? This girl of sixteen or maybe seventeen years. I need to act fast before she go back home.

Back to normal

Me:ganiyat what of your mom?

Ganiyat: she isn’t around, am the only one home.

Me:what about your shop?

Ganiyat: my younger sister is there.


Ganiyat: what?

Me:hm, nothing oo

Ganiyat: is a lie.

Me:lol, why.

Ganiyat: nothing.

Me:talk pls…

Ganiyat: I said nothing.

Me:hmm, (I was staring at her straight body)

She was really young and very beautiful as in she is a fair girl, she barbs her hair which made her look more matured and $€xy in front of me.

I asked her again

me:what kind of play do you come to play here

Ganiyat: any one naa.

:my heart seized to receive air when I heard this from her, I looked her with surprise as she glanced back at me then she started playing ludo all alone smiling.

Me:eeeh!!! Eeehh!!!

I got up went to the door and looked around checking the passage if no one is there, then I locked the door from behind. I came back to her and I sat close to her. She didn’t even move an inch. I said to my self I am gonna fuck this girl right now, oh yes right now. I touched her back, she didn’t move, I touched her waist she didn’t move I took away the ludo she was playing then I quickly pressed her back to the floor as I lay on top of her, she closed her eyes the I touched her breast gradually but her breast was really small and strong but not too small anyway. All I could think of was going down to her Pu$$¥ I believed in my heart that she is a virgin I began romancing her, she was totally shutdown under me she had no clue of $€x I could feel it so began to handle her perfectly I took off her brown blouse and her black tub bra she was half naked. I took my mouth to her breast as she feel my mouth on her breast she vibrated very quick, She felt the sensation of my mouth on her breast as she took her hand towards my head and started romancing my head down to my back. She was really lost as she still close her eyes in deep mood.

I took off her flappy skirt she was putting on white pant, I touched the pant and I felt it was wet. She had been wet without my D¡¢k into her Pu$$¥. I took off the pant I looked at her Pu$$¥ it was really clean and smooth no single hair in it. My D¡¢k was vital and jumping inside my play pant short. I took out my D¡¢k then I spread her legs to get a clear view of her Pu$$¥, I knew her Pu$$¥ is too tight for my D¡¢k, I opened my body cream and took some from it rub it on top my D¡¢k now my D¡¢k was oily then I started inserting it slowly into her Pu$$¥.

She opened her eyes as my D¡¢k was at the tip of her Pu$$¥, she felt it a little I began pushing it as it was sliding in. She wanted to voice out then I stopped, I continued again until my full D¡¢k got inside.

I began to fuck her slowly cos I don’t wanna hurt her she couldn’t control it she was really pushing her Pu$$¥ upward to D¡¢k as the sweetness dominated her brain then I began fucking her fast, gradually. I fucked her for five consecutive times she never complained I continued giving her what she want after about seventh round , we were both tired I got up then I told her to go check if her mom is back.

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