Episode 16
My head dey lagoo, Cynthia noticed my reactions, she couldn’t talk, I summoned courage to talk
Me: okay, can you just direct me to any nearby hotel, v tried my best, but I couldn’t see any, cus we can’t stay with you here, I can see you are busy
Omolara: (stammering) I’m sorry Daniel, let me give you the description to a nearby hotel, I’m coming
She locked the door, spent about 5 min before she open the door, she gave me one small book, I walked away immediately she handed it over to me, imagine, the person I trust, I took the wheel from Cynthia, she was looking at me, I didn’t talk till we reached the hotel.
The hotel was somehow big, we met two ladies at the reception, they attended to us, took the rooms that is suitable for us, we booked royal suit cus that’s what they call it. The bed was very large, I took my shower while Cynthia was already asleep, I retired back to bed, I was thinking on bed, “so Omolara can also do like this, Daniela did hers, now Omolara, well I can’t blame her, maybe this guy has promised her marriage, and I can’t marry her, so Cynthia and I started it together, now me and her again, I slept off, it was her touch that woke me up in the following morning,
Cynthia: Daniel, good morning
Me: morning,
Cynthia: go and take your bath, we need to catch the flight by 12 o,
Me: hmm, alright, but I’m hungry sha,
Cynthia: let me call the kitchen to give us something
I went to take my bath, dressed up. After eating, we were on the bed talking, she placed her head on my laps, I was playing with her hair
Cynthia: Daniel, and I wish to see your baby o,
Me: which one
Cynthia: Omolara’s baby now, I even thought she would strangle me yesterday
Me: you saw the condition we met her now
Cynthia: oh that’s tru, is that her fiancée?
Me: ha, I don’t know
Cynthia: but you were pained right
Me: no, she just surprised me though
Cynthia: won’t she move on? She need to plan her life now, and besides she knows you can’t leave your wife and marry her now
Me: eeyah, that’s her problem sha
Cynthia: What about your daughter?
Me: no be her daughter also? She should kill her now
Cynthia: you are wicked o
Me: I’m not now, cus when I’m through with all this, I will claim my daughter
We were on this when my phone rang, it was omolara,
Me: hello
Omolara: Daniel I’m sorry for yesterday, I didn’t know you are coming
Me: I’m sorry, just greet your guy for me sha,
Omolara: Daniel, I love you but I can’t end up with you, you know you are married, that’s why I agree to date the guy, and he is this serious type, in fact verysoon we will be going to the altar
Me: that’s nice
Omolara: are you angry Daniel?
Me: no o, I’m happy for you
Omolara: but if you need me, you can call me anytime, even if you need my body, I am for you, Daniel please I love you, and I’ve tried my best to divert your attention to my side but I just have to move on
Me: no problem, but what about my daughter
Omolara: she’s with my mum, cus she has been crying that she want to see you, and when she see this my new guy, she doesn’t allow me to touch her again,
Me: eeyah, please I will come and take her soon
Omolara: ha, okay, no problem, but my daughter?
Me: is she not mine also,
Omolara: okay sir, whats wrong with you and Cynthia, you guys looked disturb yesterday
Me: don’t worry, its fine
Omolara: okay, take care, I love you
Me: alright o,
Omolara: no reply? No problem
I ended the call, Cynthia has been packing our cloth already,
Cynthia: baby, come we will soon leave here o, is that her guy abi
Me: yes, infact they will soon get married
Cynthia: eeyah, that’s good, I’m happy for her
We left the hotel, we arrived the airport around 11.We were at the entrance when I felt a touch on my shoulder,
Police: you are under arrest for abducting chief Benson’s wife, anything you say here, will be used against you in the court of law, on sighting the police, Cynthia disappear among the crowd, I had to surrender.

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