Episode 17
We got to berger, the police parked beside a Jeep, one of the police went to meet those guys, after some minute, I was taken inside the black Jeep, now I know it was the chief’s handiwork, I’m done, temibami, imagine what will happen to me, the guys were talking, laughing, “see you, you ge mind o, you dey sample boss wife, chai, the guy fresh also, mehn, you dey lie say the two of you na cousin, why she no con follow you, and I don dey eye the mad lady, she no look my side, baba go kill you, bla bla” I was beaten like a baby
We entered Ibadan, not even one police officer stop the Jeep, we got to the man’s house, my eyes have changed with the guys beating, I met the chief eating fried fish, cus I was taken to his side, he stood up and walked to me, gave me 3 hot slaps gbosa, gboosaa, gbooosaaa,
Chief: take him away, collect his phone and beat him but don’t kill him,(smile) cus his wife will come with my money, so by then, I will now eliminate him, (he was touching my body) eeyah, fresh boy, (smiling) your wife will come and save you, my sex slave but your own goddess
Those guys burst into laughter
Chief: she want money, and I’m giving her and her hungry mother, (still smiling) I don’t know those ladies problem, she want money, (pause) well all thanks to you, she would have died a barren in my house, if not for your help, and I will leave nothing for her after my death, but you helped her out (smiling) I feel used, how does it happen sef, I mean you impregnating her, did she normally come to your house
I didn’t talk
Chief: (he shout) answer me. (a hot slap landed on my face)
Tears rolled out of my eyes,
Chief: (smiling) imagine, I feel used like I said, imagine a whole me, it’s nothing, if I don’t see my money, I won’t release you, (he faced his guys) you can take him away
I was taken into one big room, the house was an underground, very wide and big, I can smell human’s flesh all around, I was afraid, but I know they can’t kill me. Cus I’m an asset, even If I will die, not yet, my days may be numbered, I still have some days left, I was tied to an iron chair, at this point, I’m not scared to die, I know I’ve paid for my sin enough, I didn’t see anyone, my parent don’t even know what I’m passing through, the 2 guys that’s stayed with me, were busy gisting.
1st guy: baba suppose waste this guy ni jare
2nd guy: before nko,so you think baba will let go of him abi, baba jus won collect his money from his wife and kill the two of them ni,
1st guy: hmmm, baba with sense sha
2nd guy: watin vex me most na this guy, him dey knack my crush, I fall for the girl die, the girl fresh die
1st guy: so you go con do am, chief no go kill you?
2nd guy: na watin vex me be that
1st guy: you better use am revenge on him
I didn’t talk, I kept mute,
1st guy: well, chief talk say make we no kill you, but beat you,
They bounced on me, I was beating seriously, blood has full my nose, I was breathing heavily, they left me and went out to play, not long, their house maid brought food for me, fried rice and chicken, and the girl sabi me wella
Maid: sorry brother Daniel
Me: (breathing heavily) thank you
Maid: I for talk say make I free you, but they may kill me o
Me: I understand
Maid: you too call her now, abi will you now die here?
Me: don’t worry jare
The girl feed me with the fried rice she brought.
I can’t even say the numbers of days I’ve spent there, they feed me with beating and food, not long, they also brought the Doctor also
The chief was with us on that fateful day
Chief: Daniel, I’m losing my patient, if I don’t see Cynthia on Monday, you are going. Well your friends are calling, just to tell you how your life has been going, cant you talk? (pause)well, as for you, Doctor, don’t even think of gaining freedom o, cus this is where you will die, you can shout, no one will hear you, the two of you played pranks on me
Doctor: please sir, just pity me sir
Chief: (burst into laughter) pity you? I don’t pity people, don’t you know? I don’t. You and this Daniel will die here ni

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