Episode 18
Doctor: please sir
Chief: I don’t now, well, let me tell you guys, your days are numbered,
We heard some sound, not long after, we didn’t hear anything again,
Doctor: hay, Daniel, since when have been here
Me: I don’t even know
Doctor: why don’t you talk, I mean beg the man,
Me: why should I beg him, let him do his worst,
we were deliberating on this, when the maid entered with our food
Me: (talking to the maid) what happen the last time
Maid: some people came, one guy said he is your friend,that he heard you are being abducted here, he came with police
Me: that’s kola, then why don’t you tell him I’m here
Maid; you want them to kill me?
Me: can I give you his number please? Sebi you have phone
Maid: ha, were will I write it, they do search me, and what if this place scatter, were will I see another job
Me: don’t worry, I am rich, I have companies, finding you job wont be hard
Maid: are you sure
Doctor: (cut in) yes now, don’t you know his worth?
Maid: okay, call his number
Me: 081653836*****
Maid: I pray I remember, sister Cynthia sef do chat with me on whatsapp, but I didn’t tell her anything
Doctor: why cant you tell her, she put us in this position now
Maid: don’t worry, I will tell her tonight
Me: thank you
She left
Doctor: guy you are too cool o, this is not a matter of coolness, what if this man eventually kill us
Me: if we use force they will kill us bro
Doctor: that’s true sha
Me: how did you meet this man self
Doctor: (sigh) it’s a long story bro, I met this man just like normal person, he came to me, begged me to dried up his sperm,
Me: haha
Doctor: naso mesef do that day, but he said Cynthia want to marry him cus of his wealth, and he said he had tried his best to chase Cynthia away, but Cynthia no hear, he said he have 7 children (pause) I tried to advice him, but he was like I’m I wishing him bad, so he married Cynthia, and he and Cynthia will still come to my place for checkup, cus the girl was complaining,
Me: people wicked o
Doctor: he do give me money every month, but I couldn’t take it again, cus Cynthia will eventually leave her office and come to my office just to cry cus of this child issue, (pause)I only told her to divorce him, but she said she won’t, cus you will mock him
Me: me bawo?
Doctor: he told me about you, being her ex then, and I told her to sort herself, but after sometimes, she came back and tell me she’s pregnant for you, that I should lied that the thing went wrong, I was afraid then, but I did it out of pity and cus of the money she gave me then, chief was mad at me at first, but he later said, maybe that’s how God want it, so that’s it about that
Me: hmmm, serious matter, so na money land you here
Doctor: abi,
Me: pussy land me here,10 min enjoyment, I can knack, I can knack, I no see anybody, even my wife
Doctor: I can’t blame the girl o, I mean your real wife, you let her down be that now
Me: it is well, but all I have for her is hatred, cus I lied cus I don’t want her to leave me, and she eventually left, even if she would, she don’t even care maybe I’m dead or alive, her mum told her everything that will happen to me
Doctor: eeyah
Me: even till now, she’s still angry? Atleast my children is with her
Doctor: lets be free from here first

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