Episode 19
The next day, the maid came as usual,
Me: how va, you called kola?
Maid: yes, he said he will still come back before but he wants to contact Cynthia
Me: have you inform Cynthia also?
Maid: yes,
Me: what did she say?
Maid: she didn’t talk, she said okay
Doctor: okay?
Me: boss calm down now, what if they hear us, stop all this
A voice from the stair case shouts
Voice: chima are you giving them head?
Maid: haha, dirty mind, when they no won eat nko
Voice: they don full be that, abeg bring the food if they no eat, no beg them, na chief dey dull us sef, we suppose don kill them sef
The girl left, it seems we’ve been there for long, cus I can see it on the man’s face, he was lamenting brutally, before he calm down again
Chief: can you now see that your so called gf no love you, you’ve been here for over 1 month now, yet nothing, I’m giving you till the end of next week, if I don’t see her, I will kill the two of you, I can’t just be feeding you
He said this and left,
Doctor: you see what I’ve been saying, so we’ve even stayed here that long
Me: so Cynthia could also do this for me also, well, it seems I know what to do
Doctor: what do you want to do
Me: just be calm
Not long after, I guess that should be night, the maid brought food for us as usual, while she was feeding the doctor, I was talking to her
Me: Cynthia still didn’t talk?
Maid: yes, assuming they allow me to bring the phone, I would have bring it for you to see, she didn’t even talk to me again
Me: okay, what about kola
Maid: he do call me, he’s asking me how you guys are doing
Me: I trust him, you know what you will do for me, anytime you go to market, call him, just know how you guys will meet, don’t let them see you o,
Maid: okay,
Me: tell him to give you 50k
Maid: for what
Me: for your corporation, if I’m being free from this, I will still repay you very well
Maid: thank you
Me: now tell him to please get intouch with one of my staff, I have a file in my office, the man is a soldier, Mubarak Audu, that’s the man’s name, call his number tell him to explain everything to him, and please, work with him also, so that you can show them the road to his place
Maid: HA, this is wahala o, chief will kill me o, I don’t think I can do it o
“chima, are they fucking you ni” a voice from outside said so
Maid: no o, this one is stubborn ni, he bite me
Voice: who
They rushed him, he pointed at me, I was beaten mercilessly, they were saying, they won’t kill me, but they will beat me, I was beaten seriously, make I no lie, I was wondering if I would be able to stand again cus we’ve been sitting all this while, I don’t even know where my shirt is again, my beards don turn something else, even the doctor’s light skin is fading off.
So Cynthia could do this to me, firstly she ran away in embassy, now left all alone again, all the 3 women I trust in my life happens to be fake, Daniela left me, without even looking back, Omolara also left, even caught her but I cant tell her to not to marry now, now imagine Cynthia that put me into all this, no problem, all I need is God’s mercy to be free from all this, I slept off.
2 hot slap landed on me, it woke me up the following morning, it’s asif I was seeing double,
Chief: open your eyes, idiot
He sat facing me,
Chief: I want you to call your wife now, and tell her to bring my money, you only have few days left, Doctor (he faced him) if you die, Daniel cause it, (to one of his boys) beat them up, I need a real sober voice,
They bounced on us, I was beaten to the extent of me begging for air, I hardly breathe, He put a call through to Cynthia using my phone, and she picked up.
Cynthia: hello
Me: (breathing heavily) heeeelloooo
Cynthia: who is this
Me: (who is this?, tears rolled out of my face) please return his money, this pain is too much (crying)
Cynthia ended the call, I was surprised.

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