Episode 20
Chief: you see? All you have left is just few days, and you guys are gone
They left,
Doctor: sorry, but that Cynthia is heartless o
Me: leave her, I’ve learnt my lesson,
Doctor: oga o, see how see how you are bleeding
Me: I will be fine,
After some days, chima brought our food as usual, she locked the door, not long after, she came back,
Maid: let’s go, they’ve slept, including chief, or you will wait cus your friend said he’s coming tomorrow, and this is past 3 already, and you know today is your last day, he will surely kill you, believe me
Doctor: I will go, please come and untie me
Me: I’m not going, let kola come, we don’t have the keys to this chain now
Doctor: so?
Me: they will hear you and wake up, baby you can go, u’ve really tried, let kola come
Maid: ok sir,
She left, the following morning, we started hearing sound at the front of where we were being tied “open it” it was open, it was a young soldier, he rushed to us, the other one, gave the other guy a dirty slap, and shouted at him, “unlock the chain” idiot, he unlock the key to the chain, I couldn’t stand up. Kola rushed to me, he helped me up, and the other soldier helped the Doctor up also, my leg couldn’t stand again, we were carried into kola’s vehicle, chief has been handcuffed, with his two boys, the rest are dead, Chima was looking at me, i was given my phone, I told her to follow me, we left the place, me freeing was like a dream, we went to Doctor Sundays hospital, we were admitted, Chima has been good to me, Juliet wife also brought food for me, I’ve learnt my lesson in a bad way.
My mum was happy, she has been looking for me for days, she shed tears of joy. After some weeks, I set up a super market for Chima, since she said that’s what she want, she thanked me, I’ve received lot of text on whatsapp from my friends. My first whatsapp status brought attention to me, it was even viewed by Cynthia and Omolara and Daniela, I guess she must have been through with her anger. My secretary and her boyfriend has gotten married, infact kola really did a great job, I still meet my office intact, the guy is my small god, ive deleted my ex-wives and gf number, I want to be free from all. All I want is happiness, the police are still on chief’s case, his case is being transferred to NDLEA, since he was found guilty of drugs.
I was in my office one day when my secretary came to me
Me: how are you
Cecilia: I’m fine sir, how was your trip sir
Me: fine o
Cecilia: sir, I’m very sorry for what I want to say o, but since your return into this office, you’ve really change
Me: how?
Cecilia: you do pray now, and its like you are more gentle, you love being alone this days
Me: hmm, it’s a long story my dear, but let’s leave that for another day
Cecilia: okay sir
Me: hope you are enjoying your marriage
Cecilia: yes sir,
Me: I will still give you guys your gift o, I didn’t forget, atleast for being a good staffs while I’m away
Cecilia: thanks sir,
She left my office. Not long after, she came back again, sir, they said I should give you, it was a letter, on opening the letter, it was letter of invitation from court, that I was found guilty of abducting Chief Benson’s wife.
Wetin again bai

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