Episode 21
I put a called to my lawyer, I explained everything to him, he told me to keep calm, that we are going to win the case, it’s me against Chief Benson, even though he has been serving his jail term, he also want me to be in jail as well.
My lawyer told me to contact Cynthia so as to help me out, I refused, cus I hate her with passion, he said we should hope in God, but a day before the day, the lawyer came to my office, with a woman, she said she’s in charge of the divorce stuf, she told me what to say, that all I need to do is to mention a particular date, that Cynthia told me that she has file for divorce but I didn’t know she was lying, I accept since my beggar has no choice, fast forward to the day, after much ado, the judge, she was a lady, dark in completion, my mum was in the court with me, kola and his wife, after much ado, the judge gave his verdict and its of left to me to choose with is convenient and the 2 options are either to pay a sum of 12 million to chief or I go to 1 year imprisonment, I was surprised, 12 what? And I was given 2 days to decide on what to do.
My mum was asking me if I will be able to raise the money, I assured her, even though I don’t know where to see the remaining, cus I can still raise 6 million, I could have raised it, but cus of the Cynthia stuff, most of my client have left, when they didn’t see me, and the other company I had has been sealed cus the manager embezzled my money, I have the money though, but I can’t just remove it, cus it will affect my business. I only said that just to calm her, not long, I have already told kola to leave me, cus the guy has really done enough, on the following day which happens to be the last day, I just woke up when one of the sergeant said my attention was needed. On getting to the DPO’s office I meet Daniela and kola waiting for me.
Me: Kola what is she doing here
Kola: guy calm down
Daniela move closer to me,
Daniela: Daniel, please I’m sorry for leaving you, when you needed me most, please, its because I was angry
Me: you were angry, even to that level?
Daniela: I’m sorry Daniel
Me: I lied cus I don’t want you to leave me, all this happen before I met you, not while dating you.
Daniela: Daniel please now
Me: (faced kola) and why did you call me sef
Kola: your wife has paid the money, so we are going home.
Me: my wife? She has divorced me now
Daniela: hmm, baby (tickle my head) did I send any letter to you ni, its only threat
Me: okay o
I dressed up, on getting outside I met Mrs. Rose and my twins, she smiled at me, I was happy my family are back together, even though I paid the price. Omolara also wed her heart rob, but Susan became my family cus I went to take my daughter, and Daniela has been good to her, you can’t even know she’s not her daughter, whenever Omolara comes to visit her daughter, I do give her quickie, but my wife is not aware o, I don’t even hear from Ronke also. But after some years Cynthia came to Nigeria maybe when she heard her husband is dead, cus chief died in the cell, the man didn’t leave anything for her, she came to my place to beg me for what she did, she said she was scared, Daniela told me to forgive, she went back to the state(US), I buried my feelings for her, I truly love Cynthia but I couldn’t stay with her cus of her behavior, but whenever I also visit the state, I do give it to her karakara, cus she always in need of my dick. Daniela loves me more than before, and I also love her, she gave me another baby girl, my business also boom, but I’ve stop all the sex act with girls o.
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And watch out for another big story again. Title: THE PROPHECY


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