Episode 1
Baby I need money,
Me: to do what again, all you know is money
Sandra: baby, don’t you see my level?
Me: well, you just have me to give me sometime sha, let my paddy pay me sha
Sandra: ha Daniel, I’m getting tired of all this o,
That’s my girlfriend Sandra, a very smart and beautiful girl, she’s also loyal, I met her through a friend, she’s my girlfriend’s friend, we’ve been dating before I got to school, we were both in university, and I was in 300 level then, she was in 200 level. My parents are a little bit okay, I can say we are average, we own our house, my dad has his personal car, but not that rich, I was leaving in a self contain in school, Sandra’s house was somehow far to my place when we were at Ibadan, but when we get to school, her place is not that far from my side.
Sandra is a very loyal girl, I’ve never for once caught Sandra with any guy, maybe she’s very smart for me not to notice but during the time we both stayed together, I’ve never for once caught her, she’s very proud of me, she flaunt my pictures on her social media platform, this made me feel she is the one for, cus its very rare for you to see a girl that can be like her in this our time, a lady that can boastfully say you are the only one I’m dating, I can swear with anything, its very rare, this made me to love her the more, though our parent know we were dating, and we love each other, we gained admission into the same university, she spent most of her time in my place, people know us in the campus, cus we are together most times, I was studying computer science then, while she was studying English. I love her so much, but the only problem I have with her is she like money, my girlfriend like money and she always be like “all girls like money”
I did almost everything she asked from me, even if i can’t do all, I will give her out of it, despite the fact that I’m a student and I’m not into yahoo (fraud) she’s aware of this, we were both student, out of what my parent sent to me, I will give her, and there’s a part time job I do for one man in school, the man likes me, I go around to submit files and all sort for him, he pays a sum of 20k per month, I do use this to sustain myself as a student, even though its not easy but I always do It cus I love her and I have the feeling that I can’t see someone that can be as faithful as her, cus to me its like she’s an angel, she knows I love her and she also do, but the rate at which she likes money do give me concern.
We were both inside one day discussing about life when she switch my attention to another thing
Sandra: Daniel
Me: yes dear
Was pressing phone
Sandra: Daniel drop that phone jare, you are not kuku doing anything with it, just to whatsApp, and facebook that’s all you can do on it
Me: ehen, so what else do you want me to do on it
Sandra: no be your friend dey do yahoo, you will just sleep doing nothing
Me: (thought she’s joking) which of my friend?
Sandra: kayode, is the guy not doing it? Your own is just to sleep,
Me: Sandra are you okay?
Sandra:(she readjust herself) Daniel I’m okay, I’ve been asking you for small fridge since all this days, my friends has it, just 47k, you cant but it, since all this days
I didn’t talk
Sandra: I didn’t say you are not trying, but please try and do something, look at the way you dress also, you don’t always dress well, be buying cloth, good cloth, no be all this yeye cloth tha you are buying
Me: are you not the one collecting the money from me?
Sandra: that’s how you wont listen, kayode is doing normal, he is your close pal, tell him to teach you, I’m getting tired of all this, I know you are a student, kayode is also a student, how much is 20k, if one client pay you now, you will forget this your 20k job ni
Me: (I’m beginning to get angry) maybe you should go and date him
Sandra: na you sabi sha, I have guys disturbing me, even before gaining admission to this school, but all because I love you, Daniel do something or I will leave you like a dream
I didn’t talk, she dressed up, I was looking at her, she dressed up and left, it was like a dream to me, i knew she like money, which all girls do, I know its normal, but I didn’t know it has gotten to the extent of suggesting I venture into JI MASUN, I slept off, my friends voice woke me up

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