Episode 2
Wake up idiot. Kayode tapped me, I woke up, my place was a small self contain, a room and a toilet and a kitchen, my parent rent the place for me, kayode sit on the plastic chair, while jude was sitting on the bed with tayo, those are my close pals in school, we do things in common, we don’t really hid stuffs from each other, they also have their girlfriends except kayode the fuck boy.
Kayode: jii masun
Me: you guys sha like to dey disturb person
Tayo: Sandra don collect this idiot strength
Me: which strength
jude: guy watin happen, you look somehow, abi na because you just dey wake?
Kayode: mesef dey reason my paddy o
Me: not really, but Sandra dey piss me off ni jare
Kayode: she don ge belle ni?
Me: (sigh) everything I’m doing, I’m doing it cus of this girl, my parent mustn’t know I’m doing one part time job in school, I should be thanking God for giving me friends like you guys, I know what my cgpa would have been
Jude: watin happen
Me: you guys are also dating big girls now, then why mine is different, she’s telling me to go into yahoo (kayode burst into laughter) despite everything I’m doing for her, I’m just tired, cus has been asking me for fridge since all this days and I couldn’t afford it
Kayode: you see watin I dey tell you,
Jude: this is serious o, Sandra fall my hand sha
Kayode: guy, its normal for her to talk, the girl is tired ni, I no dey plus my G, come make I show you way and forget about part time work of peanut wey u dey yarn for mouth, at least dem no pay raaraa you go still realize 200k monthly
Tayo: by making others cry and you laughing and besides your own is little plus now, at least you have a ring that you use
Kayode: but it doesn’t involve blood my guy
Jude: Daniel, don’t mind Sandra, you are okay even than me, you are here leaving in self contain, and my gf no dy complain, she will come to my place, give her the little I have, we are both student, you are okay, Sandra just want to be an ingrate ni
Tayo: seriously Daniel, you are trying, you know I do support her, but on this, it’s a no no, we both work with this man and I know how we make this money,
Me: I’m tired seriously
Kayode: well Guy, if you want to do it, I’m available to teach you, and I will give everything you will need
Jude: Daniel, don’t call her, let her come to her senses, and if she doesn’t, guy you gat to move on, shit happens, be spending on yourself,
Me: thanks guys
Tayo: so that’s why you are here, let’s go jare, lets go watch ball, kayode want to carry us go watch ball
Kayode: guy don’t worry, I fi borrow you that fridge money, will just collect little back from you
Me: are you serious?
Kayode: im serious, I like the two of you together, you guys have be the reason why I also want to serious, but that’s if she calls you back, please Daniel don’t call her, that’s shit, lets go
Jude: so you ge sense like this
I dressed up and we went to the viewing center, I intentionally drop my phone at home, cus I don’t want to be checking my phone thinking she would call me
That’s the friends I got, we are always there for each other, always there to gat each other’s back,
I went to jude’s place to sleep, cus I don’t feel like sleeping all alone, I don’t want to be thinking,
I went to school the following day, we didn’t see each other, she didn’t call me, I didn’t place a call to her as well, though it is not easy, but I want to try it, I do check her last seen on what sap, she’s uploading different status on whatsApp, I do view it, even though her status is all about me, shading me, but I don’t care, I was online chatting with my cousin when her message pup up
Sandra: Daniel

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