Episode 3
I didn’t reply, want to prove strong head, she didn’t talk again, I also didn’t say anything, her knock woke me up the following day,
Me: who is there?
Sandra: please open this door first
I opened the door, I put on a strong face,
Me: what do you want?
Sandra: in my husband house? (she said it jokingly) Daniel I’m sorry now, so you are this wicked?
I didn’t talk, I went to sit on the bed, she was on gown
Sandra: Dan please now, I’m sorry for all i said, I’m sorry for everything; I don’t know what came over me
Me: that’s what inside you now, you are just wicked ni now, what else do you want from me, see I’m tired, not everybody will do yahoo now, na must make I do am?
Sandra: mabinu Daniel, I’m sorry, just forget all I’ve said, I’m sorry for comparing you with someone else
Me: na you sabi
Sandra: you are tired Daniel, please im sorry
She moved closer to me, she pecked me on my cheek,
Sandra: Daniel I’ve missed you,
Me: hmmm
Sandra: I’m serious,
She wanted to kiss me,
Sandra: what?
Me: I never wash my mouth
Sandra: so? (she sleep on me)
Naso I no know wetin I wan do again but mind you no be my brain they control me again my Dick don take over, so I was left with no other choice than to grab the Ass waiting for me to grab, lift up her gown, she wore only pant, soft ass, I started squeezing the Ass, while we were kissing, she took off her gown, remaining only her bra and pant, I unhook the bra, started squeezing her breast, she didn’t let go of my mouth, after some minutes, we changed position, she came to the top, I was then sucking her breast, after some minute of sucking, took off her pant, she placed my head on her vjay, started giving her confirm head, she held my head firmly, she was screaming, oh God, she couldn’t take it again, she drag me, shouting, please fuck me, then I insert my dick into her already wet pussy, after one hour of sex rump, we stopped and we deemed it fit to relax on bed.
She sat at the edge of the bed naked looking at me,
Me: what?
Sandra: nothing now
Me: okay
She moved closer to me, she sleep on my chest
Sandra: what about the freezer now Daniel, I want to ease all this stress noni, I will be selling pure water with it, I will stop asking you for money
Me: when I have, I will give you
Sandra: like when?
Me: next week sha
Sandra: thanks dear, I love you so much
Me: hmmm
Sandra: (she slap my forehead lightly) since all this days abi, you should know how much I do now, bring bible, ogun or anything, lets swear maybe since the day weve been dating, v slept with another guy
Me: I don hear you
Sandra: better, sebi you do check my phone
Me: what if you delete it
Sandra: me? Daniel I don’t like it, if I have do you think I will be disturbing you for money?
Me: maybe na sakamaje now

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