Episode 4
what do you mean by that? She asked
me: wo don’t worry
Sandra: I know you don’t trust me, and its very bad
Me: blame it on my ex, she caused all this trash, if my ex should tells you she’s going out, believe me, na guys place she dey go
Sandra: ehen, that’s your ex na, I’m different
Me: I’m also trying
Sandra: its shows, as long as I’m not doing such, my mind is free. Thank you
She started pressing her phone, I also picked my phone, I messaged kola, explain things to him, not long, he transfer the money into my account, but I didn’t tell her
Me: Sandra, even if you want to buy this freezer sef, which type
I showed her my phone, she went through Jumia.ng, she picked the one she like
Sandra: so you will just order it by that next week sef? Why cant you do it now, and pay them next week
Me: se you see money for my hand ni
Sandra: okay
I message my friend Leinad on Whatsapp, he is a jumia agent, message him, transfer the money into his account, and I screenshot and sent him a picture of the freezer I want, he ordered it, and send the screenshot to me also, i didn’t tell her anything, I slept off while she was pressing her phone.
Shes was asleep before I woke up, I met my mum’s call on my phone, I called her back,
Me: mummy I missed your call
Mum: just want to greet you noni, if I don’t call you, wont you call me?
Me: I’m sorry mum,
Mum: okay o, how about your girlfriend, hope you guys didn’t fight?
Me: at all mum, mum I need money
Mum: what if I didn’t call you, I will transfer some money into your account sha
Me: thanks mum
I ended the call, Sandra was already awake by this time, she smiled,
Me: what?
Sandra: nothing now
I didn’t want to do anything but her soft breast wouldn’t allow me to rest, I moved closer to her
Sandra: haha, Daniel what again, you want to kill me
Me: no na, let’s do more
Sandra: no o
Before she could complete the “no o” my mouth is already on her lips, folding her breast, she couldn’t resist, she was naked before, so the work is already easy for me, both breast and ass soft die, I started sucking her breast vigorously, she was giving me soft moaning, this trigger me the more, she grab my d!¢k, I allow her to take charge, she grab my d!¢k, giving me blow job, mehn I love this, its like im in heaven, I couldn’t hold it again, pushed her to bed and started giving it to her karakara with my 9 inches d!¢k, she was moaning softy, after some minute of missionary style, we switch to doggy style, pressing her ass and slapping it at the same time, heaven knows ive tried ontop that her ass. After an hour of the $€x, we stop, cus I want to read, im having a test in the next day, I escort her to her place, rushed to my guys place to do group reading.
The next day in school, everything is set, we’ve set out formation, but mr kalejaye, the man taking us com 321 change it for us, I was the only one removed from the group, I was put beside a lady, she’s my class mate but I don’t really talk to girls cus most of them proud and me no ge time for shit, I have some particular girls that I talk to, but this particular, we no dy talk, cus she’s one kind big girl. My system has changed cus of the formation, I was as sad, I have no option than to start the test, all the question is just like a magic to me, seriously like a magic, I don’t know what to do again, my friends were at my back, there script empty, but this girl pen is really busy, I have to swallow my pride, ask her for the answer, I thought she would talk but to my surprise, she open her booklet, naso I start to they copy, give the answers to friends aswell. We finished the test, was about going home when I saw the girl with her friends, I summon courage to go and meet her, wanted to thanks, “please can I see you? I called her out, she walk towards me
Me: baby, I’m really grateful o, seriously, after you, na you o
Tomilola: its fine,
Me: pardon me please, I don’t even ask for your name?
Tomilola: its tomilola but you can call me tomi, so you don’t know my name,
Me: yes o, don’t let me disturb you, please can I have your digit? Maybe I can come to your house so you can teach me one or two things

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