Episode 5
Tomilola: its noting, bring your phone
She dialed her number on my phone, the girl set like, her ass and boobs don dey tempt me, I left her move back to join my friends, they couldn’t hold there laughter, they burst into laughter
Jude: Daniel thought you said, you don change ni
Me: yes now
Kayode: don’t mind the idiot he only changed cus of Sandra, se we no sabi you before ni, idiot boy, you will surely bleep this one too abi
Me: na you sabi
That’s me, my face cool but I am very bad, but I stopped it when my girlfriend gain admission into my school, but I just need to teach this tomilola some lesson, she and her friend always do as if God they there back.
I got home took some gari, slept off, woke up around 3 opening my eye to Sandra’s call, she called to greet me, I remember I want to call my tomi, pick up my phone and call her
Me: hello dear
Tomi: yes, who is this
Me: Daniel, you gave me your number the last time baby, we did test together
Tomi: oh, Daniel, whats up now
Me: cool here, where are you
Tomi: my house.
Me: can I come and say hi?
Tomi: do you know my place before
Me: you will tell me noni
Tomi: okay, but you don’t need it
Me: please I insist
Tomi: okay, will text you the address
She sent the address, somehow far from my place but I have no option than to go, I put on my nice shirt, and black joggers, I know within myself that I look nice, I arrived at the place she texted me, I called her, she came out with her friend to pick me, she was on bum shot, the girl fine, her apartment make sense, girls room, the place na face me, I face you, was thinking, and they will be forming big girl, she have two plastic chair in the room, and her bed with rug, but she try at least na student she be, her friend excused us
Tomi: hope you no miss road (she said it jokingly)
Me: at all o,
Tomi: have your sit now,
I sat down, was looking around, she was sitting on bed
Tomi: so this is my place o
Me: hmmm, its nice
Tomi: thanks, so why did you insist on coming
Me: well, I just want to come and thank you, at least without you, na flop for happen today
Tomi: its nothing now, hope you are reading,
Me: hmm, I dy try o, maybe I will be coming to your place
Tomi: its not a problem, what should I offer you
Me: don’t worry jare, we be student
Tomi: no o, she got up on her bed, she went out to get me coke,
I don dey fall for the girl, I left the place, we became friend since then, she’s very nice, though na big girl she be, she call me often to greet me, but my gf didn’t know anything though.
It was one Saturday afternoon, I was inside with Sandra, she was cooking, when I heard a motor on from outside, I didn’t know who that could be cus my friends no get car, a knock landed on my door
Voice: come out Daniel jare
Me: who be
But that’s kayode’s voice now, I answered him, Sandra also follows me
Me: kay, whats up na
Kayode: come see my car alaye, see am,
One bad Toyota camry, very neat, I was speechless, he was smiling, Sandra was there looking at me,
Me: kayode na where you see money alaye
Kayode: look at you, na ma maga pay o
I sit inside the car, the car fit me, Sandra didn’t talk, she was just staring at us, looking at what we were doing, but in me I had the feeling that she is expecting Kay to leave and bounce on me.
Me: what about our friends, they don know?
Kayode: they never know o, you know we pal pass them, let’s go and chil
Me: wait, let’s eat first, my wife is cooking,
Kayode: no worry, come and join me in jude’s place
He left, we went back inside, Sandra didn’t say anything, I know that I’m done for again this time
I was pressing my phone, when she brought the food
Sandra: Daniel, you see what I’m saying, that’s your mate o, and you are laughing, even if you can’t buy the car now, you will surely buy it later, but when did you want to buy it with this your 20k salary?
Me: oh God

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