A second chance episode 106

A second chance episode 106

March 8, 2017 A second chance
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‘Stella did what?’ Tony asked. He couldnt
believe his ears.
‘she and her friend did all this to me.
They kidnapped me and did this to me’
Alice said.
‘why would she do that?’
‘i really do not know Tony. They said i
was stealing you from her’ Alice said.
Tony sighed, not knowing what to say
or do.
‘i’m so sorry, at least, they released you, i
will make sure something like this
doesnt repeat itself, now cheer up’ he
said retrieving a white envelop with a
gold design.
‘whats that?’ Alice asked.
Tony handed it to her and smiled. ‘its
Maria’s birthday iv card’
‘geez! I almost forgot that a birthday
will ever hold’ Alice said opening the
envelop ‘its tomorrow?!’ she exclaimed.
‘Oh Tony, how could you do this? I have
nothing to wear for the party, you
should have told me beforehand so i
can prepare myself’ Alice sighed.
‘okay, dress up and lets go out’ Tony
‘no way! Arent you seeing my face?’
‘it isnt that obvious dearie. Lets go do
some shopping, i also need to do some
‘babe, why are you looking worried?
You shold be celebrating’ Jessica said.
‘celebrating what? What if Alice tells
Tony about this. What would he think of
me? It will only keep us more apart’
Stella said.
‘oh God! Why are you such a tomas?
After all the beatings that we gave that
lady, she go delete Tony number sharpa
sharpa, dem no need tell am’ Jessica
said as she smoked the cigarette she
had in between her fingers.
‘but what if it doesnt wor that way? We
are supposed to have a plan B incase
plan A doesnt work out. Look Jessica,
you are my only hope. I dont have any
idea upstairs for now’
Jessica laughed at the facial expression
of Stella ‘Stella, you are looking like a
terrified kid. Its on the bible, faith
moveth mountains. If you have faith,
this plan will work but if you dont, then
i’m sorry, it wont work’
The door bell rang and Stella froze for a
second and Jessica noticed it.
‘whats wrong? Go and open the door
‘what….what of its Tony? What do i do?’
Stella asked panicking.
‘oh my God Stella!! Why am i even stuck
with you, how did i even get stuck with
you. This is unbelievable. So after all the
preaching wey i suffer preach, no one
enter your head’ Jessica said with a very
loud hiss. The door bell rang again but
Stella refused to stand up ‘look, if you
are not ready to stand up and open that
door, then i will do it, then i will leave
and never come back! Whats all this
rubbish for now?!’
Jessica went to the door, eyed Stella and
opened the door. Stella sighed in relief.
It looked as if a heavy burden was lifted
from her heart.
‘Gilbert welcome, have a seat’ Stella said
but with the look Gilbert shot her, she
sensed trouble.
Jessica and Stella exchanged glances,
then Jessica picked her handbag.
‘ermm, Stelly baby, i will see you later, let
me go and attend to my business’
Jessica said. Stella pleaded with her eyes
for Jessica to stay but she shook her
head in the negative.
‘wait, are you Jessica?’ Gilbert suddenly
‘huh?’ Jessica exclaimed ‘uhm….yes, any
‘unfortunately, there is’ Gilbert said and
Stella looked at Jessica with the ‘i told
you so’ kind of look while Jessica
returned her look with the ‘no shaking’
kind of look.
‘what is the problem?’ Jessica asked.
‘have a seat first, unless of course you
want to stand’ Gilbert said with a
wicked grin.
‘Gilbert, you are behaving wierd’ Stella
managed to say.
‘behaving wierd? How can i be
behaving wierd now?’ Gilbert asked.
‘look Gilbert, let her go she’s a business
woman besides what i want to speak
with you about is private’ Stella said.
‘i insist she stays’ Gilbert said.
‘and i will stay. I’m not scared of you’
Jessica said and sat down.
‘what happened to Alice yesterday?’
To be continued


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