A second chance episode 135

A second chance episode 135

March 17, 2017 A second chance
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Alice felt she needed some advice from
an older person and the only person
she could think of was her mother. But
she noticed her mother was emotionally
unstable these days. She didnt know
why and she always forgot to ask,
maybe because she was thinking of
how to get through Maria.
‘ok, let me think about this please’ Alice
said softly while Tony shrugged.
Alice was driving home when her
phone rang, checking who the caller
was, it was Kelvin, Amy’s fiance. She was
surprised because the guy hardly called.
She picked the cal with a little hesitation.
Maybe he just wanted to say hi.
‘kelvo whats up, this one you
remembered me today, i hope i’m safe?’
she joked.
‘Alice, i need your help. I really need your
help’ Kelvin said in desperation.
Alice frowned in confusion. Wouldnt
even greet her?
‘what is it?’ she asked slightly angry, but
tried her best to hide it.
He must have noticed it because he
said; ‘i’m sorry for not greeting. But
greeting is not my problem right now’
Alice noticed something wrong about
his voice, like he was crying.
‘Kelvin, are you crying or am i mistaken?’
Then she heard his loud sob from the
other end of line ‘i’m crying Alice, i’m
deeply hurt’
Alice parked the car on the roadside
‘its Amy. She…she…’
‘she did what? What did she do Kelvin?’
‘i….my God. She just called off the
‘i want you to meet me at Amy’s house
right now!’ Alice told Kelvin firmly and
hung up, then she reversed the car back
to Ikorodu.
Alice wasnt sure of what she saw when
she barged into Amy’s sitting room.
Maybe it was her eyes playing tricks on
her. Maybe, it was another man kissing
Amy and not Gilbert.
Amy noticed they were no longer alone,
and when she broke the kiss and
looked up, she was surprised to see
‘sh.it!’ Gilbert cursed when he saw Alice.
‘hi Alice’ Amy said with a welcoming
smile as she moved closer.
‘Amy, tell me, what is happening here?
What really is happening here?’ Alice
asked, pissed.
‘what is happening here?’ Amy asked
‘oh, i’m yet to introduce you to my new
boo. Anyways, i believe you already
know who Gilbert is and he already
knows who you are so i dont see the
need for introduction. But anyways, he
is my new boo now. My fiance, my love’
Alice staggered back in shock ‘i’m
dreaming, i can feel it’
‘no you are not Alice. As a matter of fact,
i was about coming to your place to
inform you. I mean, i was at your house
yesterday evening, your mum said you
werent home so…..’
‘will you shut up and just explain what
the heck is happening here for hell’s
sake!’ Alice cut in sharply drawing a
quick gasp from Amy.
‘sit down’ Amy said quietly.
‘no i wont! Not until you explain what
the ‘f’ is happening here!’
‘Alice, sit down and lets talk’ Amy said.
‘oh shut up and just explain to me
already!’ Alice hissed ‘what is this tramp,
this idiot, this god forsaken b—–d
doing here for crying out loud?’ she
said pointing to Gilbert and Amy
‘Alice, for heaven’s sake, stop insulting
my fiance. What has he done to deserve
such an insult from you?’
‘this is totally unbelievable! How did
you….. Gilbert? What of Kelvin? What
of….gosh! Are you….what has…. Gilbert…
when did the two of …’ Alice didnt
know what to say or which question
she should ask first. She wanted to
know the answer of all of them at once.
Amy moved closer ‘Alice for your own
good, please sit. I can see how curious
you are’
Alice looked at her, then to Gilbert, who
was sitting comfortably on the sofa
with an evil smirk on his face. Then she
sat. ‘i’m all ears’
Amy sat down too ‘i dont know where
to start from’
‘start from when you started
communicating with this b—–d!’
‘okay. I love Gilbert, Alice. I dont love
Kelvin anymore and most especially i
cant spend the rest of my life with him.
He’s a cheat, a liar, a fraudster and
worst of all, he beats me up at every
slightest opportunity. I dont think i can
spend the rest of my life with such a
person. He…..’
‘please be clear. You are beating around
the bush. I dont want to say this, but
what the f–k are you talking about?
How come you Kelvin of before is now a
cheat, a liar, a fraudster? Can you please
explain better because i dont seem to
‘remember Kelvin said, he worked with
chevron?’ Amy asked and Alice nodded
‘they are all lies. Na common yahoo
yahoo he dey do. A fraudster, 419’
‘oh shut up! The Kelvin i know is a
decent young man’
‘whatever. I dont love him anymore. I
love Gilbert now, he’s my life’ Amy
turned to Gilbert ‘isnt that so babe?’
Gilbert chuckled ‘sure. I love you Amy’ he
said winking at Alice…d


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