A second chance season 2 episode 13

A second chance season 2 episode 13

April 1, 2017 A Second chance season 2
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‘what is it doctor?’ Tony asked alarmed.
He feared the worst. What if Maria was
dead? No! He tried his best to get
negative thoughts out of his head. He
was panting heavily.
But surprisingly, he felt at peace when
Alice placed a hand on his left shoulder,
patting him gently.
It wasnt like they nearly pulled down
the hospital building with their ranting
‘Anyways, luckily, her vita organs werent
affected but it seems she might go into
coma’ the doctor said.
‘what?’ Alice and Tony chorused.
‘no!’ without warning, Tony fell to the
ground holding the doctor leg ‘doctor
please save my daughter dont let
anything happen to her please. Its not
about the money. I will foot the bill but
‘Tony calm down’ Alice said
‘i just got back from work when i got a
message from a hidden number saying
that my daughter was in danger and
that if i want to see my daughter, i
should step out of the house and move
to the next street. They told me she was
in an uncompleted building. I found her
there lying lifeless!’ Tony was only trying
his best to control himself because he
just fet like crying.
However Alice was beside him, assuring
him that all will be fine when in reality,
all wasnt.
‘do you have any rivals or someone who
would want to hurt you?’ the detective
Tony exchanged glances with Alice. He
thought long and hard. He only thought
of Stella but it was silly, Stella was in
Ghana. Should he mention Gilbert? But
for what reason? The guy had no
reason to want to kill Maria or hurt him?
He wanted to speak when Aice
surprised the hell out of him.
‘Gilbert. Gilbert Martins’ she said.
Tony jerked in surprised ‘what the hell
are you talking about?’
Alice ignored him ‘detective, i say Maria
yesterday at Gilbert’s house. I went
there for some personal reasons and i
stumbled upon Maria and we talked.
However i forgot to ask who she came
to look for. But i saw a girl clad in the
uniform of the school Maria attends. It
seems the girl if her friend. But it seems
she knows Gilbert as well. And……’ her
voice trailed off.
‘and what?’ the detective urged her on.
‘and…..i think Gilbert would…woud want
to harm To….Tony’ Alice stammered.
‘harm me? Why on earth woud he try
that?’ Tony asked.
‘i…..he loves me and……’ she looked at
Tony not sure if she should say it ‘i dont
love him. He sees…..he sees Tony as a
‘and why is that? When you dont even
love me. And look stop lying that you
dont love him, lying wont solve the
problem here!’ Tony said


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