Dragon King episode 1.

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Episode 1

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The night was rank with the smell of man. The warg stopped beneath a tree and sniffed, his grey-brown fur dappled by shadow. A sigh of piney wind brought the man-scent to him, over fainter smells that spoke of fox and hare, seal and stag, even wolf. Those were man-smells too, the warg knew; the stink of old skins, dead and sour, near drowned beneath the stronger scents of smoke and blood and rot.

Only man stripped the skins from other beasts and wore their hides and hair. Wargs have no fear of man, as wolves do. Hate and hunger coiled in his belly, and he gave a low growl, calling to his one-eyed brother, to his small sly sister. As he raced through the trees, his packmates followed hard on his heels. They had caught the scent as well. As he ran, he saw through their eyes too and glimpsed himself ahead.

Three men make  their way between down the woods, the warg knew what to do and how to hunt them down, before the men could realise what was going on,the warg jumped on them and tore them apart with mouth full of flesh leaving the whole forest filled with men’s blood..

(the next morning at the palace of ayetoro)

King adejare stood behind the  window at the edge of his room with his hands on his akimbo, he has a bold looking face, and a die-hard body which all ladies could fall for, he was enjoying the cool and beautiful touch of the air travelling in from the outside part of the palace. the  Beam  of moonlight  poured through the window’s tiny, barred door , ricocheting around the room, filling the cold stone chamber with light, supplying the king’s heart with joy and fantasy.

One of the palace guards rushed in
“My lord” he said bowing before him..
“Speak” adejare replied on a cool voice more or less a whisper
“An old farmer came in this morning that he saw bloods on every angle of his farm,and half tored human flesh ”
“Was there any news regarding the missing of any farmers? ”
“Yes my lord! Three farmers were reported missing ” he replied with a high tune..

“Get some men and follow the farmer to his farm, get the necessary information about the missing person and get back to me on it ”
“Yes my lord” he replied and  walked out

“Who could this be” he thought within himself, ayetoro is a peaceful village and something of such had never happened before, but adejare knew it’s not just a wolf attack, he knew it’s much more than that..‎ but the first person he could thought of was zico the head wizard .” Had he sunk so low as to hunger after human meat? ” He almost screamed out loud .
‎‎‎Immediately he ordered for the arrest of zico, and they brought him to the palace for questioning.. after they ran few interrogation on him, it was clear that he mastermind the operation . Adejare stood up with anger, his eyes were red like blood

“Men may eat the flesh of beasts and beasts the flesh of men, but the man who eats the flesh of man is an abomination.” Abomination. That had always been adejare’s favorite word. Abomination, abomination, abomination. To eat of human meat was abomination, to mate as wolf with wolf was abomination, and to seize the body of another man was the worst abomination of all.

“From now onward, as the king of this great city, I put it into law and order that no form of witchcraft and wizardry is allowed within and out of this city, if anyone is caught performing this act, he or she will be sentenced to death within 3 days ” he paused and move closer to zico..”as for you zico, I banish you from this village, you shall never return to your home and if you dare return, your body will be feed to the lions… now take him away ” he ordered!!

Zico was weak, afraid of his own power. He  weeped hard as they took him out of the village and alone he made his way down the forest..

To be continued

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