Dragon King episode 13

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The dragon king

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A story written by Ademolar

Episode 13
(out of the darkness )


“Old man, the chief guard wants to see you ” said one of the guard
“Look at him. We’ve got the wrong cell .Last cell on the left,” the second guard protest ‎
“This is the last cell on the left, isn’t it?” the first guard asked
“yes.” A pause.
“Why is he covering his face?” asked the third guard
“I don’t think he likes the light.” suggest the first guard
“Would you, if you looked like that?” The guard hawked and spat.

“And the stench of him. I’m like to choke.” the third guard hawked
“He’s been eating rats,” said the second guard .
“Look.” The first guard laughed.
“He has. That’s funny.” he had to. The rats bit him when he slept, gnawing at his fingers and his toes, even at his face, so when he got his hands on one he did not hesitate. Eat or be eaten, those were the only choices…” they all laughed.

The three guards move a bit closer to him runching softly under their feet.
“Talk to me,” said one of them. He was the tallest of the three guards , a thin looking boy, but clever.
“Do you remember who you are ?” he asked again
“Are you nut?, can’t you see he can’t talk, look at his tongue , they had chopped it off” said the second guard..
Immediately the three guards felt some harsh pity for him.. they pulled him up and dragged him out of the dungeon..

Loki was standing all alone in his room, busy staring at a large portrait of a dragon on the wall when one of his soldier entered..
“My lord! Tinuade request to see you ”
” bring her in” replied loki!
The soldier walked out and return with Tinuade..
“Leave us alone ” loki ordered.
Immediately after the soldier left, tinuade quickly go on her knee, her eyes were filled with tears, before she could utter a word tears gushed out of her eyes like a running tap.. her lips trembled as she forcefully opened them to announce a word..
“My lord! It’s 16 year gone now since av set my eyes on my husband, please my lord, out of the kindness of your heart, please let him see the light ” she fell on the floor covering her face to the floor.
“Rise up tinu.. you know I have nothing against your wish, but for the sake of our dead parent, I will let you see him ” he promised.
Few minutes later loki ask one of his men to take Tinuade down to the palace prison.

They both walk down the prison yard till they go to a point..
“Stay here!” one of the soldier ordered as he walked into the prison..
Tinuade could feel the heat and noise coming out of the yard, she felt as if something sharp had hit her on her chest as the cry and noise of dose under punishment boom out from the prison rooms . Some minutes later the guard appeared out of the dark with adejare..
Her heart was filled with joy at the same time pain, she always want to see his lovely husband, but not in such condition, tears flew out of her eyes.

Adejare looked straight into her eyes ,his lips move slowly as if they have forgot how to form words, tinuade noticed something is wrong somewhere,surely she wasn’t aware that her husband’s tongue had been cut off, she was baffled to see adejare in such condition. The silent conversation lasted for a while until tinuade step closer to him and whispered.. ” you have a son,his name is ajadi, he look exactly like you and I have passed the egg to him,i know he will surely come to rescue us soon” but adejare utter no word but tears and nods..
Tinuade observe his lips so well until she finally noticed adejare’s tongue was missing .
She jump up and hit herself on the stoney floor of the yard.

The guards noticed this and they quickly rush to the scene, tinuade angrily pulled one of them closer to herself.
“What have you done to him?” she screamed with eyeful of tears as if she was interrogating the lad..
They quickly get hold of her and drag her out of the seen.
“Let go of me, the gods shall not forgive you all for this, you all shall die of pain”she scream while she rumble with the soldiers as they take her away..

Adejare stood there like a tree, crying and throwing his hands as if he could get hold of her..

To be continued

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