Dragon King episode 15

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The dragon king

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A story written by Ademolar

Episode 15

(the teacher)


The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife. A pale sun rose and set and rose again. Red leaves whispered in the wind. Dark clouds filled the skies and turned to storms. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and birds with black hands and bright blue eyes shuffled round a cleft in the hillside but could not enter. Under the hill, the ajadi sat upon a weirwood throne, staring at the stony egg rolling within his hands..

“It’s time for lesson “Lazar threw him a sword and he quickly dropped the egg and followed him..
The sword shone in the sun as the sword received a lighting message from the sun, ‘Not bad!’ shouted lazar. he pulled out his sword..
“Fight me” he screamed!
Ajadi stood there without responding, then Lazar stretch his sword and started to fight him. Ajadi fell to the ground after he sluggishly blocked a few strike.

‘But you’ll have to fight harder than that, or you’ll die!’ laughed Lazar . Lazar was really strong and fast when it comes to using the sword. He was fourteen years old when he had already started fighting war like a strong young man. He liked fighting but he didn’t like losing. Ajadi got up quickly and took up his sword again. ‘That’s better,’ laughed Lazar . The young prince smiled. Then suddenly he felt lazar’s sword, hard, on his arm.
‘Dead again!’ laughed Sir lazar.

Ajadi started to fight again. His face was angry now. ‘Careful! Careful! Fight with your head, don’t fight with your heart, boy!’ shouted lazar. The knight wanted to make ajadi a good fighter. But he also wanted to teach him the Old Code.
Lazar and all the kings, princes and knights before him were Knights of the Old Code. For thousands of years kings were kind to peasants and knights helped kings. This was the Old Code.

“Life was good, and everybody in the country was happy during your father’s raign . But after everything started to change and the peasants were angry, when his brother dethroned him.. I didn’t like this, and for 16 year, this has been my home.” ..

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