Dragon King episode 17

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 17

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It was never truly dark in zico’s chambers. Three tallow candles burned upon him windowsill to keep the terrors of the night at bay. Four more flickered beside his bed, two to either side. In the hearth a fire was kept burning day and night. The first lesson those who would serve her had to learn was that the fire must never, ever be allowed to go out.
The black wizard closed his eyes and said a chant , then opened them once more to face the hearthfire. One more time. he had to be certain. Many a wizard and witch before him had been brought down by false visions, by seeing what they wished to see instead of what the Lord of the dark had sent. Ajadi was marching south into peril, the king who carried the fate of the world upon his shoulders.
he saw the red eye dragon spitting fire right behind him, he saw a many people falling and rumbling with fire, and he saw ajadi sitting on the big dragon as it flew across the palace of ayetoro..
Immediately he stopped and turned back to loki. ” we must get the boy before it’s too late. I saw him sitting on a huge dragon which flew with fire, if care is not taking he will come for you soon ”
“So how do we get him ” asked loki
“Send your soldiers to the south, let them head to the mountains side ,he is there.. ‘ zico replied
Immediately loki rushed out the chamber and head straight to the palace, he summoned ogidan ..
“Get your men and head to the south, bring me the egg and kill the boy if possible, make sure you get the egg” loki ordered..
ogidan quickly rushed out of the palace and he took five of his men, the journey from ayetoro to the mountains will take them five hours so they have to be on their way as quickly as possible..
(night at the mountain)
The moon was fat and full. Stars wheeled across a black sky. Rain fell and froze, and tree limbs snapped from the weight of the ice As He sat alone in the wind listening to the message filled air passing across the sky,he opened his mind and gave the blowing breeze the access to his mind. Few minutes later he started hearing and feeling the voice of wind.. his mind crumble as he felt a warm touch on his left shoulder, immediately he jumped up .
“Relax, don’t be scared it’s Lazar ” he announced!
“Come! follow me, I have something to tell you “Lazar ordered , ajadi quickly followed him as he walked down the wooden cave, he got to a point ,he stop walking and he turned facing ajadi..
“Do you know it’s only a fire that can bring a dragon back to life?.. ” he said in a soft voice that ajadi have to move closer before he could understand what he was trying to say..
“Yes! A fire. One has to be brave, you have to be bold and kill the fear in you if truly you want to bring back the dragon to life.. (he paused and proceed) for years the world have been waiting for the choosing one to fulfill the prophecy, but no one actually did.. and that’s why you are here, the world is waiting for you to save them, please don’t keep them waiting ” he begged
He looked straight into ajadi’s eyes as he stood up and walked back into his cave. Few minutes later ajadi was standing beside a bowl of fire in his room, he placed the egg in it and watched until he heard horses sound edging closer to the cave, he deeped his hand into the fire and pulled out the egg, he wrapped it with a cloth but the cloth got melt immediately, before he could drop the egg he heard some footsteps approaching where he was, before he could make a move, ogidan and his men were already in his room…
To be continued……

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