Dragon King episode 22

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 22
(the journey to the land of the wilds )

The night is ranked with darkness  and the cloud was filled with terrors, the sky  echo  the sound of rumbling clouds, while the trees dance and move in accordance to the sweet cold movement of the air  .
“Alone we are born and alone we die, but as you walk through this black vale ,learn how to draw strength from the clouds , from the trees  and from yourself ”
Those words was once told to him by Lazar, but now he finds them more useful than ever before as he made his way within the woods  down to the village

His jacket  silks and his dark long robe swirled with every gust of wind as He wade and dive within the long trees in the dark  forest. He walk for a few more miles until he could hear the bars of drumbeat ranging from distance, at first it was seven beats sounding one after the other, he keep following the trace of the sound until he saw a light filled area covered with loads of huts ..
He quickly and quietly made his was pass the light of the night watch, He jumped out of the woods and he quietly tiptoed down within the huts, he walked pass some few guards and myriad of hut..

He mistakenly ran into some few guards, who were actually off work but obviously taking a secret section of smoking.. the three boys quickly jump up and get hold of their swords in preparation for battle..
“Calm down brothers, am for no violent ” ajadi quickly rise his two hand as sign of surrender. But the three men move quietly closer to him to avoid any form of attack from him.
“Who are you and what are you doing here at this hour  ” one of them asked..

“Am  ajadi the son of the dragon ” he replied..
“Be careful, this might be a trap ” One of them whispered to others
“Or likely a thief ” the third man who looks stronger among them assumed..
“What do you just call yourself? ” the chubby one asked as if he never heard what ajadi previously said.
” am ajadi, the son of the dragon ” he said again, but this time louder
“Whats he saying? ” one of them whispered
“I guess he is up to something strange ” the second suggest.

” don’t worry we got it covered ” the third replied in a deep voice.
” drop your sword ” one of the screamed
“OK ” ajadi  quietly drop his sword and take a few steps closer to them , the chubby one pulled a burning wood, he lift it up to get an eyeful of who he was, but ajadi misunderstood his attempt for an attack . He slid from the man’s cloaks as he stalked toward his sword.

He pulled it from the floor and he hit the chubby man crunch with the wooden part of it which left the man grunting in pain, the strongest of them all threw some few strike towards him, but ajadi dived and gave him a strong punch on his left cheek, before he could retaliate, ajadi tore his left leg with his sword and he fell to the ground..
The least of them quickly goes on his kneel.
“Please don’t hurt me ”
“I won’t hurt you if you do what I want ”

Ajadi took a few step closer to him not knowing the man was holding a huge wood, before he could notice ,the man threw the firewood at him but due to his immortality against fire, he grab hold of the burning point and he smashed it to the man’s head. The man fall and faint immediately..

Ajadi quickly ran out of the vicinity into a big hall his steps ringing against the floor. Immediately,  A dozen dark knights and men-at-arms entered behind him.

To be continued

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