Dragon King episode 24

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 24
(dinning with the illars)

The irony door of the prison clashed out loud as ajadi fell into the prison room. The two guards locked the door behind him while Lord reznak step closer to the door..
” if you had come a year ago. I would have you feed to the lions, thank your stars you came in a good time… make sure he received enough punishment down here ” he said to the guards and walk away..
Ajadi pulled the rope tied to his hands and he relaxed himself to the floor, he observed the whole room which was filled with different set of people..

One of which was lying helplessly on the floor fox-faced and his body as skinny as a stick. His chest and arms and cloak were spattered with blood. .
He observed deeper until he saw those three men‎ . The same men he had a brawl with..
One of them was scrubbing his beards with him left hand while the two others are busy starring at ajadi like a picture.. this continue for a while until one of them (the strongest one) broke the silence..
” hello young man.. you think you can hurt us and run away?  hell no ”

” yeah! We have to inflict more pain on him like he did to us..” the chubby one suggested.
” let’s start with his skinny fingers ” the tall but youngest one protested..
The three men gave a nod in acceptance of the suggestion as they  walk towards him with evil smile on their face..
“Please let’s not start with another fight. Let’s make peace raign .. am sorry for what I did back there on the field, I was just trying to protect myself ” ajadi begged..

“You are sorry?.. that’s late boy.. look what you did to my leg ” he grabbed hold of the injured spot.
“See what you did to his head ” he pulled the younger one closer by indicating his burned spot.
“See what you did to that chubby man, see the pain you have caused us, and you are here tendering a baseless apologies? ” he strongest man screamed
“Am so sorry, we can be friends.. I mean a good one if you let us work together..” ajadi suggested.
” hell no, I will rather have my c–k shaved than being a friend to this mouthy boy” the chubby one protested..

” please am sorry, let’s forget about the past ”
” but how do you want us to trust you, After you have made us suffer! ? ” asked the strongest one
” I think we should forgive him ” suggested the least of them.
” do we have to?.. I don’t think he worth it..” the chubby one protested
” it’s okay, we will give the second chance.. but before we do, you will have to tell us who you are” requested the strongest of them

” ok! Am ajadi, the son of king adejare ”
“Really?.. but I don’t believe you, three of us were king adejare’s servant until loki took over, and he has been good to us.. but we only knew of his pregnant wife not you. ” said the chubby one
” calm down zillar, cant  you be nice for once? Anyway, am billar the whine server, this is jillar the cook, he dragged the slim one.. and this is zillar the dish washer, we all work for king adejare your father before he was overthrown by loki” said the strongest

” so what are you doing here, and where is your mother? ” asked zillar
” I came here to seek help just to defeat loki and to set my parents free ”
“So why are you here in the prison ” jillar asked
“I shouldn’t be here, the king ordered for a better place but one of them threw me here instead ” replied ajadi..
” hmm! That’s not a big deal, we know how to figure things out down here” zillar said with a wild grin on his face

To be continued

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