Dragon King episode 37

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 37
(battle on the sea)

“In two days time,  Our city is going to be attacked by some set of huge looking men who normally come from the western side, they will kill and take most of our treasures, if you can help us conquer them, I will help you back home” she assured
“OK is that all you want from me?”
“Yes! That’s all..”
“OK! I will help you, but a tied man is as good as dead, so how do I fight for you if am tied to a tower?”
“. I will talk to my father and he will set free you ”
“Two days time? We still have a whole day to plan the battle then”

“No its not what you think, in our world a day is counted 12 hours, things from this world is different from where you come  from, our night comes 12 hours faster than yours and the moon with the night “she explained
“How is that possible? ” ajadi look a bit confused with her explanation
“Long before you arrive, a sorcerer had it written that there is a world aside from ours which  has huge inhabitants  who look like us, but they have bigger  height.”

“I’ve read alot about your land and your world so I know more about your country .. ”
“But why do your people keep doubting me for a monster ?”
“They don’t believe in writings, they believe in reality and fact”
“How do you know about all this fact?”
“Remember I told you am more than what you see ”
“That’s bad!.. what if he refuse to set me loose?”
” don’t worry about that. I will set you free on my own”
“OK no problem! Let me believe  we have a deal”
“Yes! Do your own part and my  part is right assured”

Few minutes later He could feel the soft dew dropping all over his head which send a cold message to his body.
“I think you should be on your way now! It’s cold out here,feel free to visit me tomorrow and don’t forget about our deal” ajadi whispered to her.
She step closer to ajadi and she gave him a warm kiss on his cheek then she pick her ways down till she was totally out of range.
In few hours time, the morning sun was up beaming it’s hot touch on ajadi’s head.

Within a short period of time, the city emergency bell began to sound, every inhabitants within the city run to seek for a place to hide themselves, in few minutes later everywhere became as calm as water and not a drop of birds feather could be heard. Ajadi look confused but he stood still and await any information regarding the ongoing display.. all of a sudden a little  lighting stone flew pass where he was and it crushed down within the street.
Two more flew over him again and he noticed them to be bombs coming from a battle scene. he tried to set himself free but the string was to strong.

As he was struggling, another one dropped beside the tower which filled  everywhere  with flames and smoke.. he tried yet again to set himself loose but someone quickly untied him.
“I’ve talk to my father but he refused, things will get out of hand if you did not help us” she said with his voice filled with haste.
Immediately as ajadi got freed, he rushed down to the battle field and he stepped into the ocean and move closer to the rebel, the storm generated from his wading jarked their ships and made them tumble.

“Now listen up,I don’t know if you understand my language or not. I have no intention of hurting anyone of you ,but I will advice you to turn your battle ships and go in peace ” he screamed
“Feed that monster with bombs ” one voice screamed from the ships, the voice was immediately followed by some little fire stones .
But all made no effect on him, he wade forward and grab hold of ten ship anchors, he dragged them and threw them all to the sea. With immediate effect the remaining ships fearfully tuned  and sail as fast as they could out of the shore..

everyone screamed and cheered him with joy and music as he made his way out of the water

To be continued

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