Dragon King episode 42

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

Episode 42
(the bloody message)

He stood mute for a while and he ask
“Any news about my mother’s well being ”
“Not really, but she is surely in Good condition “billar replied
“How about my father? ” he asked again
“We lost him in the battle field.. we are sorry, it’s all our fault ” jillar begged
“Where is the body?” ajadi asked as tears gush out of his eyes.
“We’ve buried him” replied marvel.

“Take me there ” he order as he stood up they quickly get him some his clothes, he put them on and head straight to the door..‎
“We also have a good news for you my lord” marvel announced!
“And what could that be..?” he replied
“It’s ogidan! Loki’s right hand..” replied billar
“What about him?”
“We have him tied in our store room” marvel replied
He halt immediately turning his back against them

“Take me to him ” he said and he walk out of the room holding his injured spot. He was accompanied by two of his men as they guide him into the store room, he stepped closer to the tied man and he kneel beside him.
“Hello Mr. I have been waiting for long for such day to come, and finally it’s here.. now let’s see who wins “he whispered into his ears.
“It’s nice you are back, I wish you see how your mother scream whenever I satisfy her c–t with my long c–k” ogidan said mockingly

Ajadi stared at him and he utter no word while he rise up
“Bring me my sword! “He said stretching him hands in anticipation for the sword.

Immediately zillar reached him the sword he chopped off ogidan’s head, leaving everyone in the room with a big surprise.. he move closer to the two other men.
“Now listen” he said pointing his sword towards them.
“I will give you both the chance to live because you both are just servants who are following orders.. take your horse and his head with you and tell your lord loki, that I am back and the next time he will see my face will be his last day on earth.. by for now ”

Immediately he complete his statement, the two men quickly wrapped ogidan’s head with a cloth and they rush out of the room, they took their horse and ride away  with high speed..
“It’s okay, calm your nerves “Marvel path him and walked out of the room.
“Don’t you noticed some changes in him?” billar whispered to jillar as they sat alone in their room
“Offcus I did. He looks tired and annoyed” jillar replied
“I see nothing wrong with his action, if the dead where given the chance of second living, they will probably be after their killer in no time ” zillar said

“But he sounds very confident, when he asked the boy to deliver his message to loki, I think there is something behind it” jillar thought out loud
“That’s because He has nothing to loose, he already  lost his family, his right and his life.. even if loki defeat him, he still has nothing to loose “zillar replied holding a bowl filled with wine within his palm.
As the conversation was going on, zillar stood up and walk out of the room, he saw ajadi sitting all alone in the cold weather.

To be continued


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