Dragon King episode 5

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The dragon king
A story written by ademolar
Episode 5
(moonlight hunt)
Alaran watched ajadi as he danced his way in to prepared for the hunt, during the process his mother enters..
Tinuade : “And where do you think you are going”
Ajadi : “Am going for hunting”..
Tinuade : ‘are you out of your mind, don’t you know how dangerous it is out there?” she threw a furious look at ajadi ..
Ajadi : “Mum I understand, but am no longer a kid, I have to learn how to be a man ” he replied and head straight towards the door.
Tinuade : “Please be careful out there” she said with a low tune ..” don’t worry we won’t stay too long “. He said and made his way out of the entrance..When he got outside, he joined alaran as he received the hunting bag from him.. –adigun raced through the black wood, beneath a pale cliff as tall as the sky.
The moon ran with him, slipping through a tangle of bare branches overhead, across the starry sky as Alaran went ahead to tell him about the funny tricks some animal play when they are being attacked, they laughed along as they discussed, Alaran also told him whenever he tried to shoot at any animal and he could feel a shock on his hand, he should stop immediately and call on him..
On getting to the first trap it was empty so Alaran asked him to stay by and watch for him as he walked along to check his second trap.. he gave him a gun..“Be careful “he said as he walked away..After Alaran had left the scene, ajadi start parading the environmental searching around for any form of animal to slay, “at least I should be able to get something good for my first hunt ” he said .
After roaming for some few hours,he could feel the touch of the cold hands of the wind within his body, he knew the cold weather won’t be nice to him. Eventually he got tired of searching He decided to so he decided return to his previous position.
On his way back, he could hear footsteps approaching where he was. The slow, measured sound of those footsteps went before him, echoing amongst the green trees of the forest . As He turned to have an eyeful of who it was, he saw a little girl, Her eyes were soft like the airs , her silver-gold hair all tousled. her red lips shown life a red rose within white snow, her body was white and shinning like stars and diamond in the sky..
Ajadi quickly hide himself within the forest as she pushed her hair back and sing to the moon,he voice was as cool and sweet like an apple within the snow, and a hundred small grey birds broke off their nest to sing with her.
The forest was filled with lovely voice as ajadi stood there enjoying the whole scene, as this was going on, something fell from Ajadi’s bag, immediately the whole scene became silent and cool. Before he could understand what was going on the lady had disappeared.. he stood ther for some minutes and he made his way down to his previous spot .
He waited for some minutes but alaran was still not back, so he opt to check out on him, he trailed him till he found where alaran dropped his hunting bag, he started looking around till he finally saw him rumbling with a big antelope.. ajadi quickly joined him in the battle, he pull the bow and aim for the antelope, during the process the antelope turned and face him running after ajadi at his highest speed but ajade never make a move,as he stay calm and aim for the antelope..
The antelope jumped trying to knock ajadi down but ajadi pull the bow and shoot the antelope around the neck region, during the process the antelope fell and crash itself on ajadi . Alaran quickly rushed down to help the antelope off ajadi.
Alaran : are you okay? *he asked on a horse tone breathing heavily like someone who just fought and kill a lion*
Ajadi : am fine. *panting heavily *
Alaran : you are such a strong boy. . he carried the dead antelope on his back and they both walk down home . You are such a lucky boy, it’s rare for one to kill something of such on their first hunt night, do you know I actually killed nothing during my first hunt? Alaran quarried ” but ajadi never utter a word he just kept walking instead.alaran thoughts maybe it was all about what happened back in the hunting field, he path him on his back and began to tell him some set of stories as They discussed alot and about many things on their way home… they got to a certain junction and they notice some set of soldiers coming out of their house, they quickly hide themselves under a big tree located at the eastern region of their house.
The soldiers arrested tinuade, but adigun was there watching as they are taking her away.

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