Dragon King episode 51

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 51
(return of the dragon)
(land of the wilds)
The wind was accompanied by the cold rain as it blew across the palace of the wilds.
Ajadi stood all alone outside the top chamber of his palace , he watched the rain dripping from the top of the chamber to the a 100 feet ground.
He took some steps forward to ensure the rain touch his head .
His raised his hands to the sky with his face turned upward to the dark rainy sky.
He feels relaxed and comfortable with the touch of the rain. After spending some time under the rain, he turned and started walking back to his room, he heard a deep breath from behind and he turned to take a look, he was shocked to the bone when he saw drago standing behind him with his with spread behind his back.
“drago!!! ” he screamed as he rushed down to where the dragon was
“drago! Where have you been? ”
“it’s a long story… ” the dragon replied with a deep voice
“we have enough time to discuss, so tell me” ajadi countered
“I will but not now, what about you, you were dead few weeks ago, Now here you are looking a strong and fit”
“I will tell you when you tell me yours “ajadi said with excitement
“OK!. How about the other guys? ..i seem to have missed them alot ”
“they are doing fine and good …but how do you know am alive, I thought you said I was dead, how come you are here” ajadi quarried
“you still have that old habit of asking loads of questions. I thought you would have changed by now ” drago retorted
“hahahaha! You always make me laugh. Welcome back home”
“okay!.. Do I have a place to stay or I should stay in Your room “drago mockingly asked
“sure.. You can stay in my room”ajadi replied
“haha!. You won’t seize to amaze me everyday .. Your room can’t accommodate me even if am ten times smaller, so you know where is fit for dragon’s.. ” drago said and flew to the sky
“see you tomorrow!! “drago screamed as he flew pass the chamber
“goodnight sweet dreams “ajadi replied at the top of his voice .
He smiled and walked back this room, he filled his cup with fruity wine and he took a mouth full of it and he gulped them down..
“tomorrow is gonna be a great day “He smiled after that and walked to his bed. If only he knew his mother will be back the next morning, the joy would have been Greater
To be continued

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