Dragon King episode 57

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 57
(Day in argorh’s room)
Wind hauled over them as they approached the cave.
“we are close to the cave “he announced
They all hooped down and tied their horses to a tree.
“now listen everyone, I believe you all know how powerful argorh is. Tonight the only way we can defeat him is team work, ” garris warned
“and one thing about argorh is, he can’t see you but he can hear you, mind your movement… Now we will form four group, group one will go for the box, group two will keep track on argorh, he is not in the cave now ”
“group three should be ready for battle if argorh appears, the last group will join them. That’s all, zillar and three men will form group two while I and jillar and two men will go for the box, billar and garris lead the two remaining group .. ” ajadi concluded
“We don’t have much time, argorh will be here any moment from now, we need to get going ” garris warned
Immediately they all split up and ajadi with his men head straight in , on getting in they saw different skeleton of both humans and animals scattered on every angle of the cave.
“dirty beast ” jillar scornfully mocked.
They walked for a few more meters them suddenly ajadi saw a shining bright light, forming a shadow over a box.
“here!.. Look what av found “he announced as they all rushed towards it.
“This must be the box of Cohen ” jillar suggested
“give me the bag! ” ajadi ordered as one of his solder stretch out a bag to him. he grabbed it and calmly covered the box with it . ..
Immediately, everywhere became dark, sound of wave and lighting took over the whole atmosphere.
“let’s get out of here ” ajadi ordered..
To be continued

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