Dragon King. Episode 6

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 6
(meeting the unknown )
The echo of their footsteps mixed with the dust of the night filled the whole environment as
Ajadi quickly jumped up and tried to attack them, but eventually he was stopped by alaran..
Ajadi : why are you stopping me? they are taking my mother away . *he screamed *
Alaran : calm down !
Ajadi : why should I? They are taking her away and you ask me to calm down.?
Alaran : You can’t attack them for now, they are much more than us and they are stronger than us. Wait let them take her away and we will look for a way to get her out. * he whispered *
Ajadi pulled himself from him and ran towards the soldiers,when one of them noticed that ajadi was coming after them, he stop moving and he hit ajadi on his forehead with a stick ,ajadi fell smashing himself to the sandy ground lying unconsciously on the floor, before he could understand what was going on, one of them dropped from his horse, he looked straight at ajadi as he was rolling in pain on the floor..
He pulled his sword and tried to strike ajadi with it, but adigun quickly intervene..
Adigun : I wouldn’t do that if I were you.. *he screamed!!*
Soldier : what do you mean? *he asked in total confusion *
Adigun : killing a kid is way too degrading for great warrior like you..
Soldier : so what do you suggest?
Adigun : let him not disrupt our journey, just let him go..
Soldier : hmmmm! OK… (he pushed ajadi and they gallop away)
After the soldiers had left Alaran quickly rush to the scene, he helped ajadi in and quickly clear his cut with a cotton.
Alaran : how are you feeling? *he asked while wiped ajadi’s bloody nose*
Ajadi : am fine.. but i still can’t believe uncle could betrayed us .he let those people took my mum away and you also did nothing,I thought she is your wife and you truly love her..*crying *
Alaran : Calm down young man, what an elderly man sees while sitting, a boy of your age can’t see it even if he climb the highest tree. I know what am doing, just be patient for a while all will be okay.. (he stood up and walk out of the room)..
After Alaran left, ajadi stood up and walk out of his room, he head straight to his mother’s room, when he got inside , he sat on his mum’s bed, freeing himself on it like a falling tree falling from the highest corner of the earth.
“why did uncle dose soldiers took my mum and where are they taking her to?, what’s really going on?” he soliloquies.. but he couldn’t find a suitable answer for that as He thought for a while.
Some minutes later, he stood up and try to exit his mother’s room, he noticed he stepped on something strong, he bend to check what was there, it was actually a golden wristband . he picked it and take a good look at it , mistakenly he inserted it on his wrist. He tried to pull it but he couldn’t, he forcefully tried all his efforts to pull it but all was to no avail , after spending minutes on trying, he finally let go of if and walked down back to his room..
He jumped on the bed and doze off!. It was close to midnight when ajadi had slept , he heard something walking in his room, but he thought it was just his imagination. He stood up look around but he saw nothing, he went back to relax on the bed. He still feel the pain from the injury on his forehead. He relaxed his back to the wall meditating on how he could save his mum from the hands of those that took her..
Then he saw someone heading towards where he was ,he started shaking, his heart pounding linke a samba drum, the sound of the night will’s-o-the whips sends a flash shock through his veins … his room started feeling hot and bonded by a web of horror ..
To be continued…..

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