The professional sexmaker season 2 episode 5

The professional sexmaker season 2 episode 5

March 13, 2017 The professional sexmaker (18+) season 2
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Episode 5
****two weeks later****
I have been planning to return back school. A day would ever go by when monica won’t check on me. But I really don’t know where i put my vavavoom moral like that of trailer horn. There was a day she visited me. She has been romancing me and I was responding. I have to put the issue of ibidun at the back of my mind and move on na. se na me kid jesu ni????? We sat quietly inside and it’s becoming an embarrassment the way i normally discharging her every time she comes by. Then, I was ready to play along. I grab her blossom and begin into give her the sucking of her life. But, the more I am sucking, the more my body refuses to respond. She was just looking at my act and suspicious of my mood. I never thought of what could be the possibility to such display, not until when Monica broke her silent:

Monica: what is happened j-tee?

Me: what? Nothing happen of course.

Monica: you mean noting happened with this act you are displaying? Is this the reason why you have been denied me all the while?

Me: i did nt deny you. I was just going through somethings that period.

Monica: dont be so naive… Tell me what is there if I can be able to help.

Me: nothing is there…

Monica: then, what happened????

Me: I am sure that doesn’t have anything to do with all this. OK! Leme try once more.

I started sucking her again. My body refuses to come up. I was scared to See fresh laps, hairy pu©©y, wet dripping hole, no kongi, body no come up….haaa haaa something wrong; I mumbled. This is typical example of big trouble in little china. How will I explain we I put my erection?? She dey try to building up the mood. She begins to suck my Di¢kson. Yet, no kongi. I didn’t get erection. When she tired of doing that. She rub cream over the tip of my Di¢kson and start rubbing the tip…. nothing again. I tried to put my mind, but abortive. Then I begin to wonder why no kongi at all?? Even, to my outmost surprised she started jack my Di¢kson. I begin to moan like i was enjoy the S£x, even though no erection. By the tim she increase the Jack on my Di¢k, Lo and behold:
*****The cum begin to come down on my Di¢k and my body was so stiff**** I was frozen and surprised. I have never experienced such thing in my life. Why will I be ejaculating without having erection??? How this possible? Then I remembered ibidun words when she said “a set date can’t be far off, unless there is an error in counting” I scared!!!! Then monica open a shore painful thought in my heart:

Monica: if we have never had anything together, I would have been calling you impotent. And how the possibility of cumming without having erection and you continue to say nothing happen abi?

Mr: **** fear**** I can’t really say what went wrong….
Monica: that is where wahala dey? Don’t you know that “if the eyes do not go blind, the legs can’t miss the road?

Me: *** my mouth dropped ajar*** I was shaking with the thought of ibidun threat in my heart,,,

Monica: look into were your legs got missing dear… ( I guess you say you travelling next week? If god which I may Check you before you go then) ****She stood up and package herself. Then left for her home and leaving me behind to wonder where my legs really got missing….****

After she left… I started pounding about about possibility of cumming without erection.

Hope it is not ibidun that take my erection with her in other to punish me???

Havnt I entered Gba gan hun…. With this girl??

How will I beg her after I have denied that the pregnant is not mine?

Who will I tell this?

Floxy is not on a good terrm wih me anymore. If i tell him, won’t he mock me???

Yeeeeeeeehhhh temi bami…..


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