The unexpected love season 2 episode 28

The unexpected love season 2 episode 28

March 17, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 28
It was the last day of the waec examination. All hands were on deck by the candidates to make sure they came out with an excellent result. After the end of the last paper, students suddenly grew wings shouting and making noise in the hall. Vivian was seen at a corner laughing and chatting with some group of girls while Linda and Tochi also sat closely together on a locker near the window.
“I can see you are missing somebody” Tochi broke the silence.
“I’m not missing anybody, I’m missing something” Linda replied.
“And what could that be?”
“My result of course. And who were you talking about?”
“Kingsley of course” Tochi replied but she kept quiet spacing out through the window.
“Why should i miss him? We aren’t dating” she finally said.
“But you love him, right?”
Linda nodded her head positively and said, “Yes, but i don’t think he’s interested in me too, if not, he would have proposed by now”
Tochi wanted to say something but the presence of Mr Anuma and Kingsley who just walked in prevented her, then all the students composed themselves by taking their seats and lessen the noise. Kingsley’s eyes caught with Linda’s and they smiled.
“Let me believe that this haphazard noisy hall is caused by external candidate” Mr Anuma began with a hand in his pocket. “Well, we have come to the end of this examination and I’m expecting you all to at least get a C if not a B..”
“Sir, i will get an A!” a male voice shouted from behind making students to look back.
“Who is that cockatoo?! I know you won’t even see a ‘D’ not to talk of a C” Mr Anuma said and students giggled. “So, as i was saying before that clown interrupted me, you are expected to come to the school premises for your results when it shall be released officially. Understood?”
“Yes, sir!”
“You may now go to your various habitats” he gently walked out and students began to troop outside. Just at the door, Vivian turned to see the person beside her to be Tochi who she was actually holding on the shoulder to support her locomotion. She withdrew her hand instantly and they glanced at each other without saying a word until they finally made it outside then Vivian hurried up.
“Vivian!” Tochi called her before she stopped and turned with a frowned face. Tochi came closer looking into her angry eyes.
“Yes? What’s it?” Vivian asked.
“Please, let’s put out differences aside. Must we keep on quarreling over nothing?”Tochi said bitterly.
“Please, excuse me!” she hissed and walked out shaking her buttocks voluntarily and exposing her attractive steps as Tochi stared at her.
Meanwhile, Kingsley had cornered Linda in an empty classroom unexpectedly to her. Her uniform was still neat and shiny. Some part of her plaited hair dangled around her cheek which brought out her real beauty. She blink her eyes continuously as she stood closely with Kingsley at the wall staring into his eyes. It was actually her first time of standing romantically with a boy. Therefore, her heart began to beat faster….
On the other hands, back in Austria, in Maria’s apartment. There was nothing local or dirty in the beautiful apartment. She wore a short red fairy gown which one could even see her underwears. Suddenly, a handsome guy with an attractive beards round his cheek came in then she quickly hugged and kissed him.
“Whoa Whoa Whoa, take it easy baby” the guy said.
“But i miss you”
“That’s right, baby, i miss you too” he gently carried her to the bed as he was kissing and undressed her too. He stimulated her nipples by sucking them passionately and also stimulating her clitoris with a hand, while Maria scream romantically feeling the tinkling sensation.
“Uuhhmm” she screamed when the guy finally found his way into her vagina with his tallest finger before his dick followed. One could see him humping gently up and down on her with his lips still on her nipples.
Chester, who had been suspecting Maria lately even though they weren’t dating opened her door to their shock. Maria was astonished with an open mouth when she saw him.
“I’m sorry” Chester said. He quietly closed the door and went away but never prevented the guy from satisfying both himself and Maria.
Still in the classroom, Kingsley held Linda’s hands and said, “I don’t know how you will feel about this but.. but.. i love you. You have been the one my heart actually wanted but i was so blind to see it. Please, tell me you love me too”
Linda waited for a while. Kingsley could see her chest pumping up and down nervously along with external respiration.
“Kingsley?” Linda called looking at him. “Yes, i love you too” she replied then they stared at each other for a while smiling.
“I’m so happy to hear that” Kingsley broke the silence.
“Me too” she replied and they giggled in silence again before Kingsley held her closely around the waist and drew her closer. Then raised her face up and kissed her…


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