The Dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 58
(dance with argorh)
They quickly rushed towards the cave entrance but a strong and powerful lightning strike and brakes a huge stone which blocked them from going out of the cave . As they were still trying to sort a way out of the cave, a loud and strange roar ascend to them from a close range.
“argorh! ” garris said
“it’s coming!.. ” garris screamed
But before he could complete his words, argorh grab hold of a huge tree of about 40ft tall and he threw it towards them. The tree landed on top of the cave and it splashed huge stones over them.
“discharge arrows! ” Billiar screamed .. Then different fire arrows of about fifty pieces landed on argorh.
He roared out of pain ,and he angrily ran towards them, earth and dust fly after him as he hit five of ajadi’s solders with his left hand.
They flew like a bird with full speed and they landed painfully on the ground.
Argorh lift a huge stone and he threw it towards garris and his Team .
The stone crushed and scattered all over garris and his Team and he fell helplessly on the floor lying in pool of blood. Argorh lift another huge stone And started moving closer to garris, but when billar saw this he quickly set his arrow and he shoot it at argorh. But so unfortunate for him argorh grabbed the arrow with one hand and he threw the stone towards him.
Billar quick jumped into a hole and he hide himself there. Argorh turn and change his direction facing the covered entrance, he started parking the stone out of the way.
Ajadi noticed his presence and he quickly moved back.
“everyone stay away from the door, none of you should make a move until he finally enters “he whispered
Immediately they all hide themselves behind and between some walls as argorh entered.
He took some few giant step forward and he started sniffing around, at first he got to ajadi but ajadi didn’t make a move, he continued this till he got to the last person which was lama one of ajadi’s men.
Argorh went ahead to sniff him all over, but luckily for him ajadi threw a stone towards another direction in order to distract argorh.
Immediately argorh turned and head towards the direction,
they quickly rushed down from where they are to the entrance .
Ajadi quickly raise his left hand and he signaled with two of his fingers, telling them to walk out two men by two .
The first two left, followed by the second two remaining ajadi and Lama. As they were moving towards the entrance, argorh appeared and he grabbed Lama and lift him up.
To be continued

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