The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 62
(the great companion)
His blood filled The snow on the ground and it coloured them to a deem red snow as Jack pulled his sword off stannis’s chest. He cleaned the blood on his sword and he move closer to the man on black. Jack cut off the rope on his hands and he helped him up.
“you just made the greatest decision of your life tonight.. And I assure you of a great reward from lord Loki ” he said and they both lift Tinu’s body and head out of the city
(down in the woods)
Ajadi sat alone besides a burning wood created to control the level of the cold night. He held the box of corel in his hand and he watched all over the golden box for a while until billar appeared to the scene.
“my lord! You should be sleeping ” he suggested
“and why are you awake? ”
“was watching the environment just in case if someone is spying on us” billar replied and he sat beside him
“great men never sleep at night they say. Thank you billar, ever since I have meet you and the Two others, you all have been there for me.. You’ve done alot for me that I can’t even imagine.. Thank you billar ” ajadi said with a smile on his face
“oh! Comon my Lord! You deserve more than that.. Remember you saved us from the hands of the wild lords and you transformed us from prisoner to lords. ” he stopped
” You deserve more than this my my lord .. I believe we’re going to conquer Loki together and he will surely pay for all he has done ” billar replied and he patted him on his shoulder
“my fear is, how do I use this on Loki.. What if the box of corel is just a piece of gold ” ajadi doubtfully asked
“the greatest enemy a man could have is doubt.. Like My father use to say.. A Brave man is not the one who doesn’t fear. But the one who knows how to control his fear ”
“I Believe you have the power to defeat Loki and that’s why he is afraid of you.. One thing I know for sure is that.. You have visited the underworld, you’ve seen beyond what any man have, you’ve faced what no one has and yet you survived.. Am sure the gods brought you back for a reason and the only reason I could think of is to return your people back to their real life .. Please don’t let us down.. Your people are waiting for you ” billar explained
Ajadi turned his face and he looked at him for a while, he smiled and hugged him tight
“thank you billar, you are indeed a good friend. ” he Said
“you are welcome my lord!. But what’s the next plan? ” billar asked
“we head home and get prepared to face Loki and this time there will be no next time… Let’s go to sleep Lord billar, we have a long journey to embark on tomorrow.. Good night ” he said and walk away.
The powerful snow blew all over the burning Flame as billar watched his walk away.
To be continued

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