Fortunately, the ball deflected towards
my waiting head, to which I direct
towards the left side of the net and
boom! It’s in the net. We’ve won! I was
carried by my team mates shouting and
dancing round the field.
I felt something entering my eyes from
the sprayed champagne when I heard
my roommate voice, “oh boy, you no go
wake?, your phone done ring like a
hundred times, you can sleep o, for
afternoon fa”. And that was how I woke
up, I checked the time it’s already 4pm
and before I could stood my phone rang
again Oh; it’s mum
Me: Hello ma, good evening
Mum: Hello, and where Have you been
since! I’ve called severally but…
Me: I’m sorry ma, I was sleeping
Mum: Sleeping at this time of the day?
You didn’t go to class?
Me: No ma, we’ve not started lectures
Mum: Okay, have you gotten the money I
sent you?
Me: (cho! She sent me money?) No ma,
Mum: Check your messages, I just send
20 thousand naira
Me: Wao! (20 thousand is lot of money
coming from my mum). Thanks mum
Mum: Don’t thank me, it’s daddy Orire
that sent it to you
Me: Wao! That man is really nice o
Mum: Yes, and you have to call him now
and show your appreciation.
Me: But I don’t have his number
Mum: I’ll send it to you now
Me: Okay ma
Mum: I’ll also need you to send me how
much you’ll need for your final year
Me: My supervisor has not said anything
Mum: You go to him and ask, instead of
just sleeping your time away.
Me: But mum he…
Mum: Just do it!
Me: Okay ma
The phone clicks and line went dead. In
not more than 3miuntes, the message
tone beeps, I checked and it was the
man’s phone number from my mum. I
dialed the number and he picked at the
second beep.
Man: Hello, who is this?
Me: Good afternoon sir, this is Williams
Albert sir
Man: Williams, Williams, Williams, I don’t
know any Williams
Me: (then I, remember folks knows me
as Yemi at home). It’s me Yemi, Opeyemi
Man: Oh, Oh, Yemi, how are you?
Me: I’m fine sir, I wanted to say…
Man: I’m very busy now just take care of
yourself (and Pom! The line went dead)
Is that even right? Okay he’s an elderly
person and just send me 20k of course
he’s right (smiles). Though on an ideal
situation, I don’t like people terminating
call on me, especially when I’m the one
calling (you).
As I was thinking on how I will
dismantle the 20k, I perceived my neuro-
transmitters sending message to my
brain from my stomach. D–n! am
hungry! It was then I remembered I
haven’t taken anything since morning.
What was I doing since? (Speaking to
myself). “Okay, I went straight to the
football pitch to play soccer till around
11:30am. then I took my bath and the
rest and rush down to the viewing
center to watch Nigeria play Uruguay in
FIFA world cup knock out stage which
we lost slightly by a goal margin. It was
that referee and our snail of a striker
that cost us the match. Oh! That explains
the dream. (I laughed out).”
My friend Temmy (also my roommate)
hearing me laugh from outside barge
into the room.
Temmy: Oh boy wetin dey make you
Me: Omo I just dream naija won the cup
Temmy: ** Laughing profusely** Oh boy
that one can only happen in your dream
o. Those boys fall my hand big time.
Me: Seriously.
Temmy: I don’t think I’ll be watching
their match again, I will be sticking with
my Chelsea joor.
Me: Seconded. Even if they were beaten
they’ll still put on some fight unlike those
Temmy: Sluggish set of players we call
Me: Bro, leave Naija alone, I’m hungry
like anything now. Anything on ground?
(Without answering me, he just went
into our small kitchen and yes he’s back
with two plates) Oh boy, what is this?
Temmy: Sit down there, asking o
Me: Oh boy, see hot amala, wow, this
boy is home made. Where you get
ewedu around this area?
Temmy: That one na Rachael’s
handwork o.
Me: Hmm, you and this Rachael sha
Temmy: Oh boy, leave that one for now
and eat jor (Before he finish that
statement, my tummy is already jumping
for joy at the reception of the first
morsel which came with a ponmo
battered ewedu soup. In less than no
time we are done with the meal)
Temmy: Guy, see the way you are
Me: It’s always like that whenever I take
amala especially hot ones, besides the
wheather is not helping.
Temmy: Yeah, the sun is exteremly hot
today; I guess it is going to rain tonight
Me: That would be better
Temmy: Yes, but that should better be
after the show
Me: Which show?
Temmy: Those comedy guys now, SUG is
organizing the show to kick start the
Me: Cool, when is that happening?
Temmy: (Temmy checked his watch) Oh
boy! It’s six this evening o. I have to
leave now
Me: Without me? Don’t try it. Let me take
a shower, then we go together.
Temmy: Alright, be fast o. I’ll go pick
Rachael aand make sure you are ready
before we get back
Me: Hmm, Rachael is going too?
Temmy: cho! You want me to go alone
Me: Hope I won’t spoil show sha?
Temmy: go and take your bath jor. (He
left banging the door behind him)
My friend Temiloluwa (Temmy) is a cool
headed guy but home made just like me.
We have a lot in common, maybe
because we’ve friends since childhood.
We both decided to study mechanical
engineering when we were younger
and the dream is gradually coming true.
The only time we were ever separated
was when his dad got a new job in the
city and the whole family had to relocate.
When I was done with my elementary
education, my parents decided to
relocate to the same city also. From there
we went to the same secondary school
and now in final year in the same
University studying the course we
dreamt about.

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