I was applying cream on my body after
the shower when I heard a knock on
the door.
Me: who is that?
Voice: can a female guest enter?
Me: (Oh it is Rachael, that’s fast) give me
some minutes. (I don’t like ladies seeing
my “packless” chest so I quickly put on
underwear) you can come in
Rachael: (enters room) and how did you
know it’s me?
Me: Haba, I recognize your voice even in
the dream.
Rachael: (smiles) Where is Temmy?
Me: You mean your boyfriend or should I
say fiancée?
Rachael: [looking surprised] so he
already told you?
Me: Told me what?
Rachael: Don’t bother
Me: Okay now
Rachael: So where is he?
Me: He left for you
Rachael: Oh my! Why can’t he call? I left
my room some hours back to make my
Me: (so you left saloon and decided to
come here straight away? The puzzle is
getting solved) I’m afraid you guys have
missed each other. Let me call him.
I picked my white opsson D1 android
phone and scrolled for Temmy’s number.
It took me some time before I got to “T”
on the phonebook. My once admired
phone is now d–n slow and irritating.
Finally I got to ‘T’ and dialed his number
only for the network to reply with
“number busy’. Racheal’s phone rang
almost immediately and it was Temmy. I
guess that’s why his number was busy.
Rachael picked and they speak for some
seconds with Rachael repeating “I’m at
your place already”.
Rachael: He’s on his way back here.
Me: Alright I’m set
In less than no time, Temmy arrived and
we all left for the show. I was on a red T-
shirt and blue-black jean trouser but
decided to go along with my black long
sleeve cardigan in case mosquitoes
decide to patrol tonight. I don’t know
why they have to use Seven-Fifty lecture
hall at this period when everybody
knows that’s where mosquitoes do have
their conference every night. Having my
black cardigan will be my way of waging
war against mosquitoes and potential
We all gist as we move under cashew
trees along the Faculty of Sciences
buildings. I noticed Temmy and Rachael
were hand in hand as Rachael walks in
between Temmy and I. At this point my
instinct is confirming a formalized
chemistry between these two though I’ll
wait for Temmy to break the news
We met so many people outside the
lecture theater trying to find their way
in. the loud sound of music coming from
the hall is so much we could barely hear
ourselves. “What’s going on here?” came
a voice over our shoulders.
Me: Markinson baba, how far now?
Mark: My guy I dey o. What’s good?
Me: We just dey manage o, na your eyes
we dey look.
Mark: Better look God’s eye before you
enter one chance.
Me: Guys let’s go inside, I don’t feel
comfortable here.
Mark: Are you with your ticket? Or don’t
you know that’s why many people are
still outside.
Me: Cho!
Temmy: Let’s go guys. it’s free for
500level students.
Me: Now you are talking.
We found our way into the hall through
the second door preserved for final year
students. There is clarity in the music
being played now unlike while we were
outside, though still very loud forbidding
smooth conversation. We sat on the
same row at the topmost part of the
first column with Rachael sitting in
between Temmy and I, and Mark sitting
to my other side. Temmy and Rachael
got into personal conversation that
totally sidelines me. I got the message
and look towards Mark’s side who was
so focused on the dancing group on
stage. I got no option so I started
watching them too.
The show got more interesting as the
comedians took turns to ignite laughter
in us until this boring singer took to the
stage. I hate it when artist are miming
on stage which is why I don’t go for
shows of the so call stars in the country.
I love originality. Since it’s your song, at
least let the D.J. play the instrumentals
for you and then sing to it if live band is
not available instead of jumping up and
down the stage like a hungry vampire
mosquito without making sense.
I endured the first singer and was more
than happy to see him wave off the
stage only for another singer to enter
with his own mimicking. This one was
even worse as the played song in itself is
whack. I couldn’t contain my frustration
any longer so I decided to step outside
maybe I’ll get some snacks and soft
drink to step down.
Outside the hall was another worrisome
site with some of the so call big boys
and their olosho babes drinking and
smoking heavily while they dance to
music coming from one of the parked
cars. I decided to go towards the back
of the hall, to the circle where MKO
status was mounted. That decision
results to be a nice idea as the place was
immune to the heavy sound coming in
and out the hall. I couldn’t found any
hawkers around so I sat on the circle
platform enjoying the cool breeze aided
by dongoyaro and cashew trees on the
convocation ground. I brought out my
phone to check for notifications on
facebook and to laugh out at funny
comments that is never lacking on each
post. Facebook was still loading when I
notice an unusual sound coming from
my back. Facing the direction of the
sound and alas! *I wasn’t alone in the

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