She wore a long gown of cream colour
with a Ghana weaving look hairstyle. She
buried her head in her palms sobbing so
loud now I can hear her vividly. I was a
little scared and decided to make a run
for my life thinking she might be one of
those “egbere” (crying ghost) I’ve heard
about. But on a second thought she
wasn’t carrying any mat, I heard
“egbere” do carry mat around. I
approached her and said “Hello” to
which she answered by waiving her
hand giving me a sign to leave. I
watched her closely and discovered she
has blood stains on her cloth. “Oh my
God, you are bleeding!” I shouted. She
lift her head with a sorry face full of
tears and said softly “please leave”. I
wanted to leave at her request but
something wouldn’t allow me so I
thought of a way I could help and
sighted my black cardigan hanging on
the circle pavement where I was sitting
earlier. I took the cardigan and handed
it over to her.
Me: Tie this round your waist. It should
cover the stained area
Lady: thanks
Me: You can go home now. Hope your
side isn’t far from here.
Lady: Under G
Me: That’s close and it’s not too late. Do
take care of yourself. (I start to leave)
Lady: Please can you see me off a while?
My hostel is close to the school gate.
Me: (Na so e dey start o) Alright, gate it
Lady: thank you.
She stood up, tie the cardigan on her
waist using the sleeves as the rope with
the body covering the stained part of
her gown. It was then I could see her
very well. D–n! She’s more beautiful than
I thought. She’s of average height, her
face creating a south-pole magnetic field
each time she smiles. Smile look so good
on her with her face radiating the white
street lights along the road towards the
senate building. The first five minutes of
the walk was in total silence except for
the sound her shoe was making on the
tarred road. She kept a straight face not
looking at my side keep smiling
periodically. I guessed she was
expecting me to start the conversation
but that happens to be my area of
weakness. I looked at her face and she
smile again to which I tried to start a
conversation from there.
Me: Why are you smiling?
Lady: (she laughs) do you prefer my sad
Me: Why would I? I so much prefer the
smile, it looks so good on you.
Lady: I’m kidding anyway. Thanks for the
compliment. (a brief silence ensued after
Me: So you came to the show alone?
Lady: No (shaking her head)
Me: What about others?
Lady: You’ll have seen them outside the
Me: You mean those ladies dancing,
drinking and smo…
Lady; Yeah, Yeah (she cuts in)
Me: Oh
Lady: And what were you doing outside
the hall?
Me: The show was getting boring and I
wanted to get some snacks and maybe
soft drinks too.
Lady: And how did that end?
Me: I think we both know
We both laugh and she kept laughing to
every words I spoke afterwards. I
thought of asking for her number but
quickly disregard the thought as I don’t
want to spoil the ecstatic atmosphere
we currently share. We got to the school
gate and I was about saying my good
bye when my phone rings. I checked
and it’s Temmy and that was when I
realized how long I’ve been outside the
hall. Still thinking if I should pick or not
when she broke the silence.
Lady: I’m Funmilola, 500level
Me: Oh sorry, I should have asked. I’m
Williams, 500level Mechanical
Engineering. Nice meeting you.
Funmi: Can I use your phone please?
Me: (What for?) Of course you can.
I handed over the phone to her to which
she pressed for a while and then her
phone rings and went off almost
immediately. She handed my phone back
to me said “see you later” leaving
immediately. I tried to check what she
did on my phone when Temmy’s call
entered again.
Me: Hello Temmy, I’m almost there
Temmy: Where are you?
Me: Around Senate building.
Temmy: Don’t bother going back to 750
LT. I’m waiting in front of the Faculty of
Science building.
Me: Alright. (How did he end up there?
That reminds me, he needs to tell me
about Rachael, are they for real or I’m
just hallucinating)
I changed my course and went through
Skye Bank building towards Faculty of
Science and in no time I could sight
Temmy leaning on the pillar in front of
the building pressing his phone, all
Temmy: Why are you in the senate?
Me: I saw a friend off
Temmy: Really, who is she?
Me: Cho! Must it be she?
Temmy: Bro leave that side, I’m sure it’s
Me: You are right though, but where is
Temmy: She has left
Me: On her own, why?
Temmy: We went to her place together.
She said she wasn’t feeling comfortable
with the show any longer, so I had to
take her home.
Me: Okay, so what’s up with her?
Temmy: Well I think you can guess
Me: You are guys are now dating?
Temmy: On point!
Me: I thought as much. Why didn’t you
tell me since?
Temmy: Cool down bro, she just consent
this evening
Me: That sound rather officially, she has
always got something for you bro.
Temmy: You think?
Me: I know bro; Congrats!
Temmy: **laughed** Like I won
Me: Bro you won something big. She’s a
great lady.
Temmy: **smiles** I know. So tell me
about your friend.
I narrated the story of how I met her
and what transpired till he called.
Temmy: And what’s her name?
Me: **squeezing face** Oh boy! I’ve
forgotten like seriously
Temmy: Are you for real? Hope you have
her number?
Me: Seriously you caused it o
Temmy: How?
Me: You were the one calling me now
Temmy: Look at you! So now you lose a
babe and your cardigan, probably
Me: I’ll get another one jor.
In the real deal, that cardigan is the only
one I’ve got and I know I’m going to
suffer for it. Even if I’m buying another
one it won’t be like that my magical
cardigan, because the style is already
old. But why can’t I remember her
name? I seriously need to overcome this
habit of forgetting names, especially that
of ladies. I think it starts with “F”, is it
Folake, Funsho or … D–n! I can’t

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