Ever since we went to their room, we’ve
gotten so close she call me every now
and then, especially in the evening for
dinner, and to be sincere she’s a good
Me: Hello Jane, What’s up?
Janet: Hi chocolate, where are you?
Me: (I don’t know why she calls me by
that. Is she planning on eating me up?)
I’m still in school, going down to my
Janet: will you come around evening?
Me: It’s evening already
Janet: (she changed her voice to one
that is hard to resist) Will you be coming
now then?
Me: Jane I have a project to submit
before 9am tomorrow
Janet: But tomorrow is public holiday
Me: And which holiday is that?
Janet: Prophet’s birthday I heard, so
don’t bother about tomorrow, your
supervisor won’t be there.
Me: Alright I’ll come with Temmy later in
the evening.
Janet: No! Besides Rachael and Temmy
are going somewhere I don’t know till
late night.
(So we’ll be all alone? Now this look like
a dangerously set trap covered with
attractive flowers. But what’s dangerous
there, we are not dating, we are just
friends now)
Janet: Hello are you still there?
Me: Yeah, I’ll come later in the evening.
Janet: Good, I’ll be expecting you. Don’t
eat yet, I’ll make you something
worthwhile **the line went off**
Since I’ll be going to her side, I decided
to correct the chapter one before going
because I don’t know when I’ll leave
there. I changed my direction and
moved towards ICT center so I can get s
strong WIFI. Sitting under a cashew tree
behind the old ICT building on a broken
bench having the tree’s branch as its
other pivot, I had a successful time as I
have little or no distraction with fast
internet network. I was able to come up
with a satisfactory write up before the
weather got totally darkened. Since it
was already late I headed straight to
Janet’s hostel. As expected, she has
prepared a wonder meal and
immediately set the semo for me, with
her sitting right in front.
Me: Are you not eating?
Janet: Only if you want me to
Me: Why not, let’s eat together.
“Yes, I just said that, we are going eat
together in the same plate. Maybe I
should just let out how I feel towards
her this evening, a perfect opportunity
to? We shall see.” I brought out the Five-
A-Live juice I bought while coming
down. We ate together sipping the juice
occasionally and it looks more like a
We chatted through the meal and
started watching a seasonal Korean
movie on her Laptop, though we barely
watch the said movie as we were more
engrossed with our conversation. Her
head find its place on my laps with her
lying down and myself sitting on the
mattress resting my back against the
wall. She was playing with my right hand
finger nails while my left hand keep
dressing and redressing her fixed hair,
sometimes I’ll touch her pimples back
and forth. At this point my body has
already graduated to the third heaven
with my hard jeans trouser preventing
from noticing the awoken “brother of
mine”. I noticed her unease movement
on the mattress rubbing my hand more
and more, breathing heavily with my left
hand moving towards her body trying to
raise her body up towards mine. In no
time she’s already in my arms rubbing
my body, hugging me so tight and
passionately drawing her head towards
mine, and of course our mouth is in
each other kissing deeply. The next
thing is to undress each other and she
has already started to unbuttoned my
shirt when my phone rang. I responded
to check who was calling and
discovered it was Temmy, I picked it but
the voice I was hearing was not of
Me: Hello, Who is this?
Person: The owner of this phone was
involved in an accident and I’m calling
you as the last dialed number. Please
come to general hospital, they are at the
emergency ward.
Me: Oh my God! Thank you, I’ll be right
By this time we had already separated
and everything high has gone down.
Me: Where did you say Rachael and
Temmy went to?
Janet: I really don’t know
Me: They had accident and are presently
at the general hospital. I’ll be going there
Janet: We’ll go together.
She changed her cloth while I wait for
her outside. We board a bike straight to
general hospital but paused a bit at my
hostel to drop my bad. We entered the
hospital premises and headed straight
to the emergency section. As we were
about to enter the emergency ward, a
nurse called from the right side.
Nurse: Are you his friend?
Me: Yes
Nurse: The doctor wanted to see you.
(She directed us to the doctor’s office)
Doctor: Please sit down, and please
excuse us for a while (pointing to Janet).
Janet: (Shivering) where is my friend?
She was ushered out by the nurse that
brought us into the office before she
could get any answer. The doctor then
sits in his chair directly facing me.
Doctor: How close are you to him?
Me: We’ve been friends since we were
six or seven; we are from the same
place. (By this time my heart has started
pounding faster than the piston of a
running ignition combustion engine)
Doctor: Well you are a man and you
should understand things better. Things
happen you know and it’s usually a
I was about to explode when the doctor
said “your friend is gone”. I felt my heart
beat drop momentarily and did not hear
anything he said afterwards as so many
scenarios of Temmy’s image flooded my
brain. I was brought back by Janet’s
loud cry. She probably overheard the
Janet: What’s wrong with Temmy? And
where is my friend?
I couldn’t utter a word, I just stood up
and hug her, crying loud enough now as
her tears already soaked my shirt.
Doctor: Will you like to see your friend
At this point, I was struggling to hold
myself not to burst out crying. I wasn’t
sure if I should follow the doctor to see
my home boy’s corpse or not but Janet’s
presence gave me some courage. We
followed the doctor who moved
towards the anatomy lab of the hospital.
“I can’t believe my own guy is lying
down in there lifeless. D–n, Temmy
cannot die; we’ve got a lot to achieve
together. I’m going best my guy on his
wedding day. D–n!” Getting to the lab’s
door, Janet was asked to wait outside
while followed doctor inside. Seeing so
many cadavers though covered, I
couldn’t feel myself again and I can’t
explain how I’m even moving. “Over
here” said the doctor, pointing to a
fresh cadaver. The moment I got by the
side of the lifeless being, all my fear and
shivering disappeared and I got a
sudden courage from nowhere.
Doctor: Remove the covering and
Me: Please do it yourself sir.
He removed the covering without
hesitation as if he was only trying to see
what my reaction would be by asking
me to uncover the cadaver, all this while
my eyes were closed.

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