I dialed the number again and she
picked up.
Me: Hello Funmi
Funmi: Hello Williams
Me: Long time, How are you doing?
Funmi: I’m fine. I’m sure you are fine too.
Me: How do you mean?
Funmi: I saw you today. But you seem
not to recognize me
Me: (Error, I always love to cover up
stuffs like that) really, where?
Funmi: Don’t worry. Hope your trip
wasn’t stressful.
Me: Trip? I eventually did not go. (But
how did she know?)
Funmi: Oh, your room-mate said you
went on a trip with your supervisor.
Me: You were in my room?
Funmi: Yes, your room mate got hit by
my car yesterday, so I had to visit him.
Me: Wao! So you were the said lady?
Funmi: I wasn’t the one that drive
Me: I know that. Thanks a lot but how
did you know that’s my room?
Funmi: I saw your pictures
Me: I see, thanks for the cardigan.
Funmi: No, thanks to you. I never get
chance to thank you for that day.
Me: You don’t have to
Funmi: I’ll love to meet you. Can we meet
at that eatery tomorrow?
Me: Which eatery?
Funmi: Oh sorry, let’s meet by the shed
in front of the library tomorrow
Me: Okay, around what time?
Funmi: Any time you’ll be free
Me: I’m totally free tomorrow but 4pm
will be okay.
Funmi: Won’t that be too far?
Me: I’m thinking weather will be cool by
that time
Funmi: Let’s make it 3pm ple-a-se?
Me: Okay 3 it is but how did you . . .
Funmi: Thanks. See ya tomorrow
“Cho! She seems happy. Wait! Was she
the one that paid for my meal at the
eatery? Now it’s making perfect sense.
So she has a car, and the rich one
among her friends. No wonder she
sound so commanding. Well that’s a turn
off for me, I’m just gonna see her
tomorrow and that’s all. I can’t be in a
relationship where the lady is the
commander and besides, Janet is there.
I’m going to formalize our relationship
this evening.”
As i was trying to lie back on the
mattress, my phone rang and it’s Janet.
“Talk of the devil”
Me: Hello Jane
Janet: Will, where are you?
Me: In my room
Janet: So you are back and did not call
Me: I’m sorry, I just . . .
Janet: I’m coming over
Me: Oh! What of Temmy and Rachael?
Janet: They are here loving up. I’m
Me: Alright.
This sound like a good opportunity to
cement our relationship. I turned on the
system and open “Games of throne”.
While this was playing, the rock selection
continued to play underground then i
heard a knock on the door. “That can’t
be Janet, their place is not that close.”
Me: Yes who is it?
Person: Good afternoon, it’s I, Uche
Me: (Cho! I don’t think I know any Uche,
besides I thought Uche is masculine but
that voice is surely of a lady) Come in, the
door is not locked.
She came in and happen to be the lady I
saw earlier today. We shared the same
Me: Oh! It’s you, I don’t know you bears
Uche: Which one do you know?
Me: Honestly I never knew your name
Uche: Because you have your own peeps
you talk to and never look our side.
Me: Same as you now. I’m even
surprised to see you in my room. You
guys are the big girls of the class now,
small boy like me cannot relate.
Uche: What big girl? It’s your
perspective. We see you as a proud
person self.
Me: Proud? Far from it. Anyway, why are
you here?
Uche: Won’t you offer me something
Me: (What is it now?) Oh sorry. (I poured
some of the Five-A-Live for her) There
you have it.
Uche: (Sips some) Thank you.
Me: So what do you want?
Uche: Chil now, let me finish this drink
first. I really love your room set up.
Me: (O o o This babe will surely ruin this
evening for me) Oh thanks. You’ll have to
talk on time, ‘cos I’m going somewhere.
Uche: Really? I thought you were
watching film (pointing to the paused
“Games of throne” on the system) Which
film is that?
Me: Games of throne
Uche: Oh! I’ve heard of the film. Which
part is this? Majid is there right?
Me: (Majid koo Odunlade ni) It’s a British
series and that’s season two.
Uche: Nna, I love the babe’s hair
(Pointing to “Khalesi”)
Me: Seriously Uche, why are you here?
Uche: Please play the film, let’s watch
At this point, I’ve started boiling inside
as I’m sure if Janet should meet her
here, especially with the way she
dressed, she’ll think of something else. I
heard a knock on the door and I
answered but nobody responded. I
decided to check who was there only to
found Janet staring at me like i just
broke something. She then turned back
and started leaving.
Me: Janet! (I grabbed her hand) What’s
Janet: Nothing
Me: Common you’re just here and
started leaving without saying anything.
What’s the matter?
Janet: You never told me you have a
Me: Sincerely I never knew she was
coming and I don’t know why or what
she’s here for
Janet: So why haven’t you chase her out?
Me: I’ve tried to. . . Please coming in
I stylishly draw her along. She only saw
the lady’s shoe o and she’s this jealous,
menh! We entered the room and Uche
was already lying down on the mattress.
Me: Uche, please you need to leave now,
I told you I’m going somewhere.
Uche: Why now?
Janet: Uche?
Uche: Janet? What are you doing here?
Or is he? (Rolling her eyes towards me)
Janet: Yeah, he is. What are you doing
Uche: I needed him to help me with my
project write up
Me: Wait, you guys know each other?
Janet: Yes, we used to be room mates.
Me: Oh, really?
Uche: Yeah, when we were in 100level.
Please check this write up for me (She
took out the write up from her bag)
Me: That can’t be this evening. I told you
I’m going somewhere
Uche: Please check it, it won’t take time.
Janet help me beg him please.
Janet: Check it for her Will.
Me: (Something tells me it’s not from her
I took the script from her and read
through. Honestly, what she wrote was
out of it. Highly disjointed paragraphs,
but telling her would mean I’ll be writing
another one for her and i don’t think I’m
ready to do that, especially not now. She
also refused to present her Aim and
Me: Listen Uche, you don’t have Aim and
Objective. Try to get that first then
restructure your paragraphs. With that,
you are good.
Uche: Please, I don’t know what to write
as Aim and Objective. Let me write your
own since the project topic is similar
Me: (See this one o, I should give you
mine so that our supervisor can subtract
another mark) You can’t write my own
Uche, our materials are different.
Uche: Please now, I’ll change the
Me: Okay, I’ll help you get yours, but not
now. Let’s meet on Monday.
Uche: Monday is too far now, why not
tomorrow, by evening?
Me: (They send you to me? You want to
spoil tomorrow’s show too) Uche
Monday. It’s usually a lecture free day for
us anyway.
Uche: I wanted to submit on Monday
Me: Go and do what you can do there, by
Monday we’ll look at it together,then you
can submit.
Uche: Okay give me your number so I
can call you on Monday.
Me: Alright, 08…
Uche: Wait I beg, my phone is not ready.
I gave her my number and she left. Jane
had already started watching the movie
on the system and I saw this as a perfect
opportunity to let out my mind, but how
do I start. I really hope this Uche of a girl
has not spoil the show already.
Me: I’m sorry about that, I never knew
she would show up here.
Janet: No problem, just be careful with
Me: Of course I will
Janet: She’s a really bad girl
Me: I know she forms big girl in class,
but bad girl how?
Janet: She tried to snatch our then room
mate’s boyfriend.
Me: Oh, I see. You seem to enjoy this
movie though.
Janet: Yeah, I particularly love this lady’s
hair. But her husband is too hefty
Me: What’s with you ladies obsession
with khalesi hair. They look good
together don’t you think.
Janet: Well, maybe.
Me: That could be us you know
Janet: Hmm, but i don’t have a blond’s
hair and you are not hefty
Me: (I hold her hands) You can always fix
something like that if you want and I
can always enter gym to develop those if
it takes that.
Janet: (She paused for a moment) Will
Me: I’m all hears
Janet: (using her hand to rub my cheek)
Don’t you think we are good like this?
Me: I don’t get you
Janet: Instead of complicating things,
can’t we just be friends. Something
more than ordinary friend as we are
Me: Friend with benefits?
Janet: Something like that.
Me: So you are saying we can’t date
Janet: I did not say that, just that, it can’t
be possible, at least not now.
Me: Till when?
Janet: Anything is possible later dear, we
are fine now.
Me: But you have not tell me the reason
Janet: I just don’t want us to complicate

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